What is The Best Down Jacket For Men in 2020?

man in a rain wearing a down jacket

Want the answer right now? Then the best down jacket for men is the Fjallraven Greenland No. 1. The down jacket is a staple of cold-weather outdoor gear. Especially if you’re layering your clothes, you’ll definitely want to have one of these bad boys on hand. However, there are many different down jackets on the … Read more

The 5 Best Two-Way Radios of 2020

mountaineer with a two way radio

Short on time? Pick up the BaoFeng BF-F8HP, my #1 recommendation for the best all-purpose walkie talkie. Cell phones have sure come a long way from the 10-lb boxes you’d have to lug around in the ”80s. Nowadays, we have them practically glued to our hands, and they can pretty much do anything. But…what if … Read more

Best Backpacking Knife: Our Top 5 Choices

backpacking knife stuck in the wood

If you’re in a rush, then save some time and grab the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro, as it’s the best all-around knife out here. There’s no doubt about it – going camping is a blast. That being said, you must have the right tools for the job in your backpack if you want to … Read more

North Face Venture 2 Jacket Review – The Ultimate Rain Jacket?

north face venture 2 jacket

Whether I’m trekking up the mountainside or casually strolling along a well-kept path, the last thing I want to run into is a heavy rainstorm. No one likes getting soaked! Not only is it extremely uncomfortable, but wet clothes can become a health issue in colder weather. Over the years, I’ve been through countless rain … Read more

Yeti vs Hydro Flask: A Detailed Comparison

hydro flask

The reusable bottle market is booming, and it’s not hard to see why. Everyone’s learning that disposable bottles cause a lot of damage to the environment. Their sluggish decomposition pace means these hazardous effects will persist for centuries. In fact, plastic bottles take 450 years to decompose. That’s 20 to 45 times longer than plastic … Read more

Mr. Heater Buddy Review — Is It Any Good?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone camping in the winter, and end up bringing a whole suitcase of layers just so I won’t freeze my butt off. All of that extra weight makes the hike to the campsite a lot more exhausting (as my knees can attest to). But, is there a … Read more

What Is The Best Hiking Watch In 2020?

hiking watch

If you’re in a rush, I recommend the Garmin Fenix 3 as the best hiking watch available today. Since the advent of the Apple Watch, smart watches have been booming. Specifically in the outdoors world, these tools have become quite the staple with tech-savvy hikers. They can help you track how far you hiked, how … Read more

The 5 Best Hatchets of 2020 – Reviewed & Ranked

hatchet in a stump

If you’re in a rush, get yourself the X7 from Fiskars. Hatchets are sort of like a Swiss army knife – at quick glance, a simple tool. But under close inspection, an invaluable companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Your trusty hatchet can be used to cut firewood, drive tent stakes, or even dig holes if needed. … Read more

What Is The Best Compass for Hiking In 2020?

compass for hiking

If you’re in a rush, I’ll save you some time by recommending the Suunto MC-2G. It’s incredibly reliable and my personal daily driver. Going hiking? Then you NEED a compass. There’s no if, and’s, or butt’s about it! Your trusty compass will get you out of a pinch when your phone battery dies. Or, when … Read more