The Top 5 Best Bear Sprays of 2020

bear running

If you’re in a hurry, then the SABRE Frontiersman is your best bet. It’s 50% stronger than even the most potent police-grade pepper spray and has a range of 35 feet. However, if you have a few minutes to learn more about bear sprays, then read on for the five best bear sprays of 2020. … Read more

Yeti Roadie 20 Review

camp cooler

The cooler. The myth. The legend. Well-known as the leader in the ice-cooler industry, Yeti products are famous for their quality design, extreme durability, and excellent ice retention. And amongst all their products, this one stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. But does the Yeti Roadie 20 live up to its reputation? Or is it overhyped? … Read more

What Is The Best Wood Burning Backpacking Stove?

solo stove titan

Pressed for time? After careful examination, we’ve concluded that the Solo Stove Titan is the best wood burning stove on the market today. I’ll admit – after a hard day of hiking and setting up the campsite, I enjoy a fresh, hot meal as much as anyone. But, building a campfire can take a lot … Read more

What Is The Best Camping Table Of 2020?

camping table

In a hurry? After careful examination, I’ve concluded that the ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table is the best camping table on the market today. Like camping in comfort? So do I. And while the ultralight backpackers get by on a bare minimum, us car campers need a bit more. This is doubly true if you tend … Read more

Best Heavy Duty Camping Chair: Top 5 Choices

people sitting in a camp

In a rush? After extensive research, we found that the best heavy duty chair is ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair. If you’re trying to enjoy the wilderness in comfort, a quality chair is probably the most important item to have. After all, there’s nothing like sitting down in a comfortable, sturdy chair, cracking open a … Read more

North Face Borealis Review

north face borealis

Nowadays, there are backpacks for every occasion. You have biking backpacks, cross-country backpacks, commuter backpacks, and so on. You have backpacks that can comfortably hold your entire tent & all your supplies… and then you have those that are better suited for day hikes and urban hiking. For the latter group, the North Face Borealis … Read more

Best Backpacking Poncho For Rain In 2020

people climbing a mountain

In a rush? After extensive research, we’ve concluded that the best poncho for backpacking is the Sea to Summit Ultra-SIL Nano Tarp Poncho. Despite how goofy they might look, ponchos are still great hiking accessories. I once thought otherwise, but getting caught in a thunderstorm while hiking – without any waterproof gear – quickly changed … Read more

Thermarest Prolite Plus Review

sunset in a camp

Let’s face it – as much as we love going outside and reconnecting with nature, most of us don’t want to do it without some creature comforts. The chief among them being a comfortable bed – or, in this case, a comfortable sleeping pad. Choose a great one and your back will thank you in … Read more

Marmot Limelight 3 Person Tent Review

person lying in a tent watching nature

Whether you’re new to camping, or an old pro, you’re well aware that your gear can make or break your trip. A quality tent is a difference between spending a night warmly tucked in, enjoying the sound of the rain… Or being soaking wet and freezing, while the water keeps pouring in with no sign … Read more

Best Soft Cooler For Camping In 2020

soft cooler

If you’re pressed for time, my favorite soft cooler is Engel’s HD30. Cracking open a cold one is a staple of the camping experience for many. However, to do the analogy justice, you need to keep the cold one…well…cold! The best way to do that is by getting yourself a reliable soft cooler. Compared to … Read more