How To Protect Yourself From Bears While Hiking

brown bears

Bears. Just their name inspires fear in the heart of us feeble humans. Go to any campground, and you’ll surely see signs warning you from bears. But, are they really a cause for concern? Today we’ll face this question head-on and teach you everything you need to know about protecting yourself from bears. We’ll also … Read more

Layering 101: How To Layer Clothing For Cold Weather

Woman, man, and girl sitting on snow

Camping and hiking are clearly two of my favorite things to do (ever!). That being said, enjoying nature can get tricky during the colder months of the year. Fortunately, there is a solution: layering. Long before the advent of thermostats and portable heaters, people would stay warm by layering their clothing. Today, I’ll show you … Read more

How To Use A Compass – The Ultimate Guide

compass on a window

Imagine you’re on a hike in Yellowstone National Park. You decide to veer off the path to find this epic, secluded, hot spring your buddy told you about. You uncover that hot spring, then suddenly realize… “I don’t know where the heck I am!” Believe it or not, this situation is all too common. Getting … Read more

How To Build A Campfire: A Step By Step Guide


Isn’t there something magical about sitting around the campfire? Roasting marshmallows, telling camping stories, there’s nothing like it. A proper campfire does many things – it warms your body, cooks your food, and lights up the darkness of the woods. Unfortunately, you can’t have any of those if your fire extinguishes itself in 5 minutes. … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To The Ten Essentials

hiking gear

When you go on any outdoor adventure, one of the biggest headaches is choosing what to pack. To make things easier, look to the Ten Essentials. Walk into any outdoors store, and you’ll find literally millions of items you could pick up. From shoes to stoves to shovels, how do you decide what the heck … Read more