Eno Hammock Review

eno doublenest hammock

If you are in the market for a good, double nest camping hammock, you are sure to have many choices.

And while there are many choices out there, Eno DoubleNest Hammock clearly stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Why? I’m glad you asked.

I’ve spent over 4 hours researching and writing this article, and I’ll share my findings on this marvelous piece of gear with you below.

Let’s dive in.


Let’s kick off this review with some technical details about the hammock.

Size: One Size
Color: Available in 40 variations
Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.25 inches (LxWxH)
Weight: 19 ounces
Manufacturer’s Suggested Maximum Weight: 400 pounds.

Right off the bat, you can see that you’re spoiled for choices here. With 40 different color combinations, you’ll be sure to find a match that’s perfect for you. You get everything from standard navy and brown to more exotic neon colors, so no matter your taste, you’ll find a combination that suits you perfectly.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.

You see, one of the best things about this hammock is that it is versatile.

Since it is small in size, it can be taken along whether you are camping, hiking, or biking. You can also take it along for a beach or backyard party to chill. Weighing only 19 ounces, it is easy to carry around, and you can set it up without any difficulty.

However, it is still big enough to accommodate two people lying down – and potentially even more if you’re just sitting.

How many more? It depends, but since the maximum weight is 400 pounds, you have a lot of room for you and your friends.

Easy To Maintain and Durable

This hammock is also easy to clean because it dries very quickly. That is a handy thing to have if you like to camp out in a variety of terrains in different weather conditions.

Often, you will encounter damp ground or rains, and when you are packing up, you need all your gear to be dry so that you can put them back in the stuff sack and throw it in the trunk.

You could always get a hammock tarp, of course, but if you’re trying to save money, you want to make sure most of your gear is waterproof – and Eno DoubleNest hammock certainly is.

So, even if the weather is damp, your camping experience won’t be one.

Weight and Size

two girls sitting on a hammock

This hammock is also made to fit two people. If you have company, your hammock is ready for it. If not, more for you. Either way, the extra is not wasted.

And, if you are not looking for an outdoor hammock, this one comes in handy by the pool too. And since it can handle rain, it kills two birds with one stone.

Then there is the matter of weight and dimensions. When packaged in its carry bag, this hammock is rather compact at 5×5 inches. If you are going hiking, biking, or cycling, you will likely be carrying it on your back.

In those situations, it is beneficial to have gear that is as light as possible.

And since it is quite compact, you don’t have to worry about space. Attach it to your backpack and you’re good to go. And when you roll it out, you have a beautiful, big hammock that is over 9×6 feet leaving you with a lot of room to stretch.


Now, let’s look at the material. This is one of the most important aspects of a hammock for so many reasons. The words 70D high-tenacity nylon taffeta must make you feel good and we will tell you why.

For starters, 70D nylon is an industrial-grade fabric where D stands for Denier to indicate the textile’s thickness. It is a popular choice in the making of sporting equipment.

That means it is more than prepared for some wear and tear as it should be. Manufacturers typically add descriptives like “high tenacity” if buyers such as yourself are unaware of the terminology.

Nylon is a synthetic material with high resistance to wear due to usage, heat, and chemicals. It is everything you want in a fabric that will bear some abuse because of the way you want to use it.

The bottom line?

The hammock is breathable, easy to maintain, and quick to dry. It is also silky and rather comfortable for you to chill in for a long period of time. (You could always buy a sleeping pad if you want additional comfort.)

Weight Capacity

Being a double nest hammock, this one can take up to 400 pounds of combined weight. That gives you a lot of room to play with.

We won’t go into describing body types. You get the idea.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. Unlike many others, this hammock is not a part of a kit where you get mounting or hanging gear along with it.

That means you’ll have to buy necessary peripheral items like suspension straps separately. If you want to plant it indoors or outdoors with a stand, you must get one that is larger than nine feet.

Other Things

winter hammock camping

Buying a hammock is not all about specifications. Fixing and maintaining it should not feel like a chore. If that happens, you are unlikely to want to take it along as often as you would like to.

So, let’s take a closer look.

  • Setting It Up: As mentioned before, it is rather compact when stuffed into a sack that comes with the hammock. And you can set it up quite easily around a tree with a few stainless steel and aluminum carabiners and suspension straps or a nautical grade line. This also takes care of the weight. If you’re using rope, make sure to do so in accordance with Leave No Trace principles, so that you don’t damage the trees.
  • Durability: ENO uses the best quality materials to make all their hammocks. The carabiners are strong and better than the basic models. The rope is also high quality and can withstand fraying and the seams are strong because they are all double stitched.
  • Comfort: This is critical because if you are outdoors, you will be sleeping in the hammock. It can be used as a seat or as a swing, which makes this product a twofer. But if you are going to sleep, it is not the most comfortable option for two people even though it can handle the weight. That won’t work especially if it is two tall people. Length is not a strong suit for this hammock.
  • Extras: Unfortunately, this product does not come with a lot of extras like tree straps. You get the carabiners and stainless steel snap links along with a compression strap that is sewn in.
  • Storage: This is not a problem considering the storage sack can be clipped to a backpack when you are outdoors. It is the smallest item and it is easy to clean too. By the way, we did not count it as an extra.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now let’s do a lightning round of quick Q & As that frequently pop up regarding this hammock.

  • Does the hammock come with a suspension strap?
  • No, it does not. You have to buy it separately.


  • Can this be used indoors as well?
  • Absolutely. Be sure to look for specialized hooks from ENO that can get the job done.


  • What are the folded and unfolded dimensions?
  • Folded dimensions are (Diameter x Length) 4 x 5 inches and unfolded dimensions are (Length x Width) 9.4 x 6.2 inches.


  • How many colors do I get to choose from in this product?
  • Each hammock has two colors in it. But you have the options of over 40 color combinations. Whether it is orange or teal or navy or green, there is something for everyone as they say. As mentioned before, there might be a little variation in the shade but you can also get some off-beat colors like charcoal, copper, and aqua.


  • Does this hammock come with any accessories?
  • This hammock comes with carabiners and nothing else.

Our Verdict

So after spending 4 hours analyzing and reviewing this hammock, what are my thoughts?

It’s simple – if you want a large, affordable, and quality camping hammock, you can’t go wrong with Eno DoubleNest Hammock.

It can handle up to 400 lbs. of weight, comes in 40 different color combinations, and it’s easy to set up and takedown. Its compact packed size means it’s easy to carry around if you’re hiking or camping, and since it’s made out of quality materials you won’t have to worry about wear and tear.

It does not come with suspension straps though, so you’ll have to buy those separately.

All in all, when it comes to value for money, in my humble opinion this hammock is unbeatable. It has certainly earned Wilderness Times’ seal of approval.