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Fact Checking & Editorial Process

At Wilderness Times, we take the accuracy of our product reviews and informational content extremely seriously.

If you have reason to believe that we have made an error, please contact us via our contact form or by email at [email protected].

Fact Checking

With any piece of content that we create, we always ensure that it as factual and true. We do this by having a solid editorial system in place.

For each article there is an author and an editor. They cannot be the same person.

The editor for each article is responsible for copy editing, fact checking, error checking, AND ensuring that no matter what our content is accurate, true, and unbiased.

Our goal is to remain as unbiased as possible.

Our Testing And Review Process

Core 9 Person Extended Dome Camping

We love to test and review gear. You’ll find us testing gear that we already own and love, are purchasing for retail prices (just like you), or items that are sent to us by the manufacturer.

No matter how we procure a product, our goal is to thoroughly test and review each item and rate it against its peers.

Again, our goal is to remain as unbiased as possible.

So no matter whether we have the product on hand or not, what we do is simple – we research.


We spend hours upon hours testing, reading, and thinking about different products for a single article, drawing from various sources: personal experience, customer reviews, YouTube videos, and a whole lot more.

We take tedious notes, and compare even the tiniest of details. Everything goes into a spreadsheet for analysis from the dimensions of the product to cost comparisons, user ratings, etc:

Tent Product Ratings & Review System

What we analyze depends on the product, but we rate and review each and every product that we look at.

We then cut through all noise and narrow down our choices to just a few that would be an excellent fit for our audience. This is where we deliver the most value since doing this on your own would take a lot of free time and coffee.

After that, we start writing. Using mountains of information we’ve collected, we go through multiple rounds of editing and revisions. This is to make sure we only mention the most relevant information.

To summarize: we do what you’d do if you were buying camping or hiking gear. We just spend A LOT more time on each review than the average customer.

In a way, you can see us as your research service – we research outdoor gear for you and deliver only the most relevant results in easy to read format.


If you have reason to believe that we have made an error, please contact us via our contact form or by email at [email protected].