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If you want to reconnect with nature, enjoy the great outdoors, and add a bit of adventure to your life, you’re in the right place.
Mike Miller

Our Mission

The Views from the Mogollon Rim

Our mission is to provide you with the tools and information you need to fully enjoy your time outdoors.

We do that by writing in-depth tutorials and guides, providing comprehensive reviews of the best tents for any budget.

We aim to be the authoritative resource on tents.

But at the end of the day, we want you to fully enjoy and reconnect to nature. That is the goal.

1. Provide Comprehensive Tent Reviews

To help you find the best tents & gear for your unique needs and answering any questions you might have.

2. To Be the Go-To Tent Resource

There are so many tents out there. We want to be the go-to resource for finding the best tent for your unique needs!

3. Help you to Reconnect with The Outdoors

We want to help you reconnect with nature.
We are proud supporters of 1% for the Planet®, donating 1% of our annual revenue to non-profits working on a diverse range of environmental problems.

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Who is Behind the Site

Picture of Mike Miller

Mike Miller


Mike is the founder of Wilderness Times and is a seasoned outdoors enthusiast and expert in camping and tent gear.

After realizing he was spending way too much time in front of a laptop and not enough time in nature, he decided to do something about it.

Nowadays, you'll often find him in the wilderness, where he actively engages in hiking, camping, and rigorously testing outdoor gear while embarking on his various outdoor adventures.

Favorite Camping Spot: Mike loves camping at Lockett Meadow outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. The beautiful Aspen trees intermixed with the Ponderosa pine and the cool temps make it an unforgettable experience.

Picture of Matt Blake

Matt Blake

Managing Editor & Gear Reviewer

After spending years working in startups and corporate America, Matt desired to spend more time in nature.

So he left it all behind, and now he spends a majority of his time outdoors, testing and reviewing camping gear, making review vidoes, and sharing his love of the outdoors with his wife and kids.

Picture of Grace Cummings

Grace Cummings

Content Editor

Growing up, Grace spent many summers heading up to her grandmother's cabin in CO to hike and camp and get some fresh air. Her father’s enthusiasm for camping, hunting, hiking, and spending time in the mountains definitely rubbed off on her.

While she is currently based in the very-urban Chicago working as a writer and editor, she still takes every chance she gets to get outside and breathe in fresh air or take trips with her partner to get back to nature.

Picture of Victoria Marks

Victoria Marks

Staff Writer

Victoria is a dedicated writer and outdoor enthusiast who seizes every available moment to break free from the day-to-day of city life.

When she's not immersed in her work, you'll find her hiking and camping in the company of her steadfast Alaskan Malamute, exploring the tranquility of the outdoors, and reviewing & testing gear.

Picture of Shawn Gossman

Shawn Gossman


Shawn Gossman is known as Hiking With Shawn in his local area. A longtime hiker, cyclist, and mountain biker turned into a local social media influencer. Shawn is a permitted hiking guide for the Shawnee National Forest and an outdoor writer. Shawn lives in the very bottom of the state of Illinois with his girlfriend, her teenage daughter, and a bunch of cats.

Picture of Tory Dancu

Tory Dancu


Tory is an outdoors enthusiast who takes every chance she can get to get out into the woods. After growing up at the base of the Appalachian Trail, she's explored the Rockies and Shenandoah's extensively - and has loved every second! Tory is super excited to share her experiences with the readers at Wilderness Times.

Picture of James Willamor

James Willamor

Contributing Photographer

James is in love with all things outdoors. As the President and founder of unofficial Cicada Appreciation Society, North Carolina Chapter, he has a passion for hiking, camping, backpacking, and overlanding. He enjoys camping 40+ nights a year and sharing his experiences on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Picture of Justin Hikes

Justin Hikes

Contributing Photographer

Justin is a former software engineer. Currently enjoying Retirement 1.0. He is a forest bather who enjoys sharing his outdoor adventures on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. He enjoys hiking, nature photography and abandoned places.

Picture of Kate



Kate is known as She’s Going Solo as nearly every weekend she is off solo wild camping and hiking in either The Lake District or Yorkshire Dales in England and sometimes even the Highlands of Scotland. Most recently Kate has bought a van which she has converted herself into a camper which has given her more options in getting into the outdoors. Kate loves photography and when her teenage son allows, spending time with him.

Picture of Spencer Bienstock

Spencer Bienstock


Spencer is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast. He is an experienced hiker, backpacker, car camper, and climber. Spencer loves getting outside and testing equipment, no matter the weather. With a master's degree focused on sustainability, he loves wilderness conservation and seeing sustainable gear hit the market. His favorite spot to camp is at Cape Perpetua Campground in Yachats, Oregon.

All our writers and photographers all have multiple years of experience in various types of outdoor activities, such as:

  • Car camping
  • Backpacking
  • Hiking
  • Trekking

And a lot more.

They are also thoroughly vetted to make sure they meet Wilderness Times editorial standards.

Our Content

On any given day you’ll find us writing in-depth individual tent reviews like this CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent or out in the field testing and using gear in real-life scenarios.

And other days you’ll find us testing, rating, and reviewing entire product categories like the best 4 person tenttesting and comparing hatchets, or lounging in camping chairs to find the best one.

We love to craft informational content like how to stay safe in bear country, or comparing synthetic to down sleeping bags.

But our favorite activity is interviewing other outdoor enthusiasts like Greg from Fat Man Little Trail, outdoor writers like Stefanie Payne, and those working to promote a good cause like Lisa Louis.

No matter what we are writing, we want craft in-depth and unique articles that provide value to our readers, as well as sharing our love for the outdoors.

Our Testing and Review Process

Core 9 Person Extended Dome Camping
Mike and family testing out the Core 9 Person Extended Dome at Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction, AZ

We love to test and review tents. You’ll find us testing tents and gear that we already own and love, are purchasing for retail prices (just like you), or items that are sent to us by the manufacturer.

No matter how we procure a product, our goal is to thoroughly test and review each item and rate it against its peers.

Our goal is to remain as unbiased as possible.

No matter how we procure a product, our goal is to thoroughly test and review each item and rate it against its peers.

We take tedious notes, pictures, and videos, and compare even the tiniest of details.

Everything goes into a spreadsheet for analysis from the dimensions of the product to cost comparisons, user ratings, etc.

Tent Product Ratings & Review System

After hours of testing, reviewing, and analyzing each tent, we grade each tent on the following metrics a 1 to 10 scale:

  • Space & Comfort
  • Quality & Durability
  • Value
  • Weather Resistance
  • Ease of Use
  • Intangibles (unique features and key selling points)
  • User Reviews

We then cut through all the noise and narrow down our choices to just a few that would be an excellent fit for our audience.

This is where we deliver the most value since doing this on your own would take a lot of free time and coffee.

MORE DETAILS:  How We Test and Review Tents

How we Make Money

What We Don’t Do To Make Money

Here is what we don’t do to make money:

  • We don’t run sponsorship articles.
  • We don’t accept paid guest posts of ANY kind.
  • We dont accept promotion of products.

All of our products are independently rated, reviewed, and selected. Period.

Wilderness Times Is Reader-Supported.

That means if you click on one of our links and buy a product we recommend, we receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you).

Now you might think that makes us biased. After all, what’s stopping us from just recommending the most expensive products, regardless of their quality?

That’s a good question – but the answer is simple: the moment we stop recommending the best products and start pushing expensive junk is the moment our readers lose trust and never come back to our site again.

That’s why we are incentivized only to recommend products that are the best in their category. It might make us less money in the short-term, but it will bring us a lot more money in the long run.

So we make more money, and our readers get the best products – a win-win. 

What to do now?

So what’s the next step? We’re glad you asked that!

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