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What Is The Best 5 Person Tent In 2022?

Best 5 Person Tent

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If you’re in a rush, the best 5 person tent today is the Wenzel 5 Person Dome Tent.

So, you’re looking for the best 5 person tent on the market this year, so far? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

I love camping in groups. It spreads the true spirit of camping – camaraderie. Whether that’s with family or friends, it’s always fun, and I’m sure you agree. So today I’m going to make it easy for you to get back out there by showing you my personal favorite 5 person tents out there.

Best 5 Person Tent: Our Top 5 Choices

Wenzel 5-Person Dome Tent

Wenzel 5-Person Dome Tent
During my testing of Wenzel’s dome-shaped tent, I was impressed with the results that I got.

The setup was simple. The X frame design (that the tent prides itself on) makes life easier for even the most experienced campers. This helped cut down set up time by a lot.

The tent’s ventilation is, as you’d expect, very good given that the tent’s windows are made from a mesh material. The windows surround the tent and are big enough to allow for proper airflow.

During the summer months, you rarely need a rainfly where I’m at. So, I was happy to discover that this tent’s rainfly is actually detachable, allowing us to stargaze at night.

If you want water protection, this rainfly is made from durable 600mm material and is taped off at the seams for extra leak prevention. Which, given that it did rain once or twice during our trip, worked pretty well!

Unfortunately, the zipper on this tent is prone to getting caught, so you might have to fix it every once in a while.


  • The X Frame design is sturdy and easy to erect.
  • Rainfly material is of high quality and able to stand the test against the elements.
  • Power outlet capability allows you to run an extension cable effectively.
  • Airflow is fantastic due to the mesh windows that keep the tent aired out.
  • Inside wall pockets allow enough room for mobile phones, books, etc.


  • Zipper on the door often gets caught on itself or rain cover.
  • The mesh material allows some smaller bugs and critters to climb in.

Best for: small families who want to fit a queen-sized bed and some gear.

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The INDY GT uses a design that NTK calls “European,” which instantly intrigued me.

The space inside the tent is well suited for a group of 3 grown men, but it’s tightly packed when you include your gear.

The pole frame is constructed of fiberglass (nano-flex). This makes them durable while retaining the flexibility you may find in other poles. This also means that the tent withstands strong winds when tied down with guylines too.

One of the most exciting features of this tent is the rainfly. It’s made from 190T polyester. Rated for 2500mm HH, this rainfly provides fantastic coverage from wet conditions. It’s also great against the sun, with UV protection coming from a high-grade thermoplastic coating.

This front vestibule is spacious and comfy. Due to there being a door on both the inside and outside, the airflow is excellent. The inside door includes a mosquito-proof netting that worked great at keeping bugs and insects out.

The floor of the tent is high quality, and silver coated, keeping water out of the tent and the heat inside.


  • European design is unique, providing a front vestibule for extra storage and airflow.
  • Nano-flex fiberglass poles are flexible and sturdy.
  • This is a very roomy tent that can easily fit 3-4 people.
  • The 2500mm rainfly is exceptionally high quality and keeps water out for real.
  • The tent is perfect for the winter, being able to retain heat like a boss.


  • There are no windows, and the vents are small.
  • The tent is not very tall, so taller people may struggle with this.

Best for: small families of three to four who camp in colder areas of the world.

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Toogh – Big Horn Waterproof Tent

Toogh - Big Horn Waterproof Tent
At first glance, the Toogh Big Horn tent looks too simple to be capable enough for camping. However, mom always said not to judge a book by its cover. This tent is a beast.

The frame is made from sturdy fiberglass poles, and the 3000mm HH rated rainfly is a great protective shield against water. It’s made from 210D high-grade waterproof fabric and is treated with a silicone coating.

The tent comes with an easy to carry bag, making it perfect for hikers, climbers, or backpackers. Another perk of the tent is it’s incredibly lightweight for a tent of this size. However, unpacking and setting up the tent is slightly harder due to the shape and flexibility of the poles.

The tent comes with mosquito-proof netting that covers the two walls either side of the entrance. It not only makes for fantastic airflow but also helps make the tent super weigh less.

The storage pockets inside have more than enough space for your books, tablets, or phones while also protecting your stuff from the rain.


  • Extremely lightweight, perfect for backpackers.
  • Excellent airflow from the mosquito netting on the side walls.
  • Rainfly covers almost all of the tent and is removable.
  • The carry bag is great for traveling, benefiting those on the move.
  • Materials are of high quality and durable, making the tent an excellent value for the money.


  • The setup of the tent is not straightforward due to its shape.
  • During the winter, the netting walls can make it very cold inside.

Best for: those who are on the move. Backpackers, climbers, hikers, and more will love this tent.

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TOMOUNT – Easy & Quick 5-Person Tent

TOMOUNT - Easy & Quick 5-Person Tent
The cabin shaped tent has been around for centuries. The Tomount 5 person tent brings a modern twist on this old design, making it adaptable and well suited for parties of 4-5 people on any camping trip.

The tent is made of polyester, making it lightweight and well suited for most seasons of the year.

We found the ventilation in the tent pretty great. It includes one large mesh door and three well-placed mesh windows that help suck airflow inside.

The setup of the tent was effortless and one of the best I’ve seen from a cabin-style tent in a long time. I was able to set the tent up the first time in less than ten minutes. For a tent that isn’t a pop-up, that’s extremely quick, especially for a tent this sturdy.

Also, this tent comes with an electrical access port so you can charge your electronics inside the tent. TOMOUNT’s storage is pretty great, with pockets large enough for storing gear efficiently.

The two-way zipper doorway on the tent didn’t jam once, which is quite rare (unfortunately) for modern tents. The whole tent felt very high quality and easy to handle. From setup to pack-up, this tent is a breeze.


  • The modernized cabin design packs all the great features needed in an all-weather tent.
  • The tread pole system is straightforward, even for newbies.
  • The wind and rain resistance is incredible, holding its own against moderately strong winds.
  • The tent is superb all year round, regardless of the weather.
  • Well placed mesh windows and door allows for high airflow.


  • Perhaps slightly oversized, even when in the carry bag.

Best for: car campers who want a ton of elbow room (due to the size of this tent).

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NTK – Cherokee GT Tent

NTK - Cherokee GT Tent
The NTK Cherokee GT is a dome-shaped tent with an almost perfect rain fly. This rainfly covers most of the tent, allowing rain to fall off the sides simply. When testing this tent, we had quite a lot of rain and saw little to no leakage the next morning thanks to this design.

The flooring in this tent is pretty impressive as it’s not the standard tarp you may find in most tents on the market. Instead, it uses a polyethylene anti-fungal material with a silver coating. This keeps the inside super-dry.

Although able to withstand strong rain, it’s not the same with strong winds. In these gusts of wind, the tent may struggle to stand upright, even with its fiberglass poles.

The height of the tent is around 6 feet, which makes it great for taller people. Lengthways it’s the same size, so it’s spacious in all aspects. I think it’s perfect for four or so fully grown adults.

As with most tents, this one comes with mesh walls. But, this felt and acted higher quality than most I’ve seen on the market recently. Often I find that with mesh, smaller insects make their way in. However, this tent worked surprisingly well and kept most, if not all bugs, outside.


  • The water-resistance of the rainfly is top-tier.
  • Fantastically tall tent, perfect for more height-y individuals.
  • Silver-coated flooring with anti-fungal material keeps moisture out and makes for an easy clean.
  • High-quality mesh walls make for impressive airflow, keeping bugs out.
  • Super easy setup for a dome tent.


  • Not great against strong winds. The tent may blow over if misused.

Best for: families of four, who can easily fit two beds in the tent.

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What Should You Consider Before Buying A 5 Person Tent?

Cost vs. Quality:

When it comes to picking the right 5 person tent for you, it’s essential to not just rush for the highest price tent you can find. Often, you’ll find that the priciest tent is not necessarily the best.

Be sure to look at reviews and helpful posts, like the ones on our site here, before you decide to purchase a tent.

Remember that larger tents will usually cost more than smaller tents, due to their size. Don’t be put off by the price until you’ve seen the reviews and done your research.

How Easy Is The Tent To Pitch?:

The smoother the tent is to pitch, the more time you’ll have to spend camping. So, it’s crucial to look for a tent that is easy to pitch.

In recent years, pop-up tents have swarmed the camping market. Believe it or not, these tents are not the best option, since they are usually much less reliable than conventional tents.

Sure, pop-up tents might be great for beginners, but it’s still worthwhile for everyone to learn how to pitch a tent. With modern tent design, none of these tents take longer than 20 minutes to pitch, and most can be completed under 10 minutes with a little practice.

Tent Size

Tent size is obviously important. This depends on both your needs and the size of the party you’re taking with you.

If you’re someone that travels with a lot of luggage or plans to explore with a large party, you’re going to need a more spacious tent. But let’s face it, if you’re here, reading this post, chances are you’re looking for a family or group tent for… wait for it… 5 people?

So, in this case, a more giant tent is your choice. But don’t overdo it and buy a tent that’s more than you need because too much space is not a good thing. In the winter you’ll be cold, trust me, I know.

What Are You Using It For?

The function of your tent is vital for a good camping trip.

If you’re car camping, you won’t need to worry so much about buying a lightweight and easy to carry tent. It will be the opposite case if you are, for example, a backpacker, climber or outright adventurer.

You should choose a tent tailored to your needs.

If you’re in a hot climate, don’t worry so much about tents that keep heat in and worry more about airflow, UV protection and such.

Camping can be very weather dependant, so plan for the type of weather you’re expecting.

Our Verdict

In this article, I’ve gone and shown you the best 5-person tents available on the market. I’ve also determined the best, most necessary features that you’ll need when camping in a group of 5 or less.

My personal favorite is the Wenzel 5 Person Dome Tent. From the unique cabin design to its excellent functionality, for me, this tent ticks all the boxes. It’s sturdy under strong winds, doesn’t leak and has just enough airflow to keep the tent cool in the summer and warm in the winter. An exceptional all-round tent for families and groups of friends anywhere.