5 Best Teepee Tents Reviewed

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In a rush? After extensive research, I found that the best teepee tent is the Guide Gear Deluxe 18’ x 18’ Teepee Tent.

I was always mesmerized by teepee tents. Even when I was in the Boy Scouts, I craved for the (for me) weirdly-shaped tent, but it always eluded me somehow.

That’s why one of the first things I did when I started going on my own camping adventures was to look for the best teepee tent. After thorough research, these are the five choices I came up with.

Let’s dive in.

Best Teepee Tent: Our Top 5 Choices

Guide Gear Deluxe 18’ x 18’ Teepee Tent

Guide Gear Deluxe 18’ x 18’ Teepee Tent
If you – like me – love camping trips with your family, then this tent might be the thing for you. It is big enough to fit eight people – including the dog.

I also enjoyed the fact that the floor of the tent is already built-in. There was no need to bring a ground tarp, which I highly appreciated.

Most of all, my family really liked the big vestibule at the front. Usually, we would have to snuggle together with our bags (or worse – sleep near our boots), but this solved our problem.


  • The tent is big enough to comfortably fit eight people. This makes it great for larger groups of friends or families.
  • There are weatherproof windows with internal shades, so you can get all the privacy you want while inside the tent.
  • You do not need a ground tarp, because the tent comes with its own flooring.
  • There is a big vestibule at the front of the tent. Thanks to its removable floor – you can easily turn it into a mudroom or a storage room for your camping gear.


  • There is no vent or hole for the stove, so you will need to do all your cooking outside of the tent.
  • The material can seem and feel cheap – but it is good quality for the price of the tent. I do recommend you set it up at home beforehand and replace the plastic rings used for setup with metal ones.

Best for: Bigger families and groups who want a cheaper tent with a lot of space.

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Wenzel Outdoors Shenanigan 5 Red Buffalo

Wenzel Outdoors Shenanigan 5 Red Buffalo
As the name suggests – this tent is perfect for any sort of shenanigans! I love that it is super easy to set up – even amateurs can do it in less than 10 minutes.

This makes it great for many occasions. If you have tees that enjoy camping, they will love setting up their own tent. And you can even set it up in your own yard for smaller kids to play and have fun. The colorful design will make everyone fall in love with it fast.

A downside might be that the sides meet the tarp exactly at the ground level. This means that you will need to either set the tent on higher ground or figure out a way to seal the leaks if it starts raining.


  • Only 1 pole means that you can set the tent quickly – sometimes within 5 minutes.
  • The tent has a hi-low ventilation system, complemented with roof vents – perfect if you sometimes feel suffocated in a smaller space.
  • There are three windows with flaps on them – the perfect amount for a tent of this size if you ask me.
  • Even though tastes vary – the tent also looks amazing. It has vivid colors and you will be able to spot it in the crowd.


  • Even though it is easy to set up, the tent does require you to place pegs around. This might be tough to do for some people, or in some terrain.
  • The sides of the tent are connected to the tarp at the ground level. This can spell trouble in a heavier downpour.

Best for: Parents with kids enthusiastic about camping – it is the tent you want for those backyard sleepovers.

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Winterial 6-7 Person Teepee Tent

Winterial 6-7 Person Teepee Tent
My group of friends and I love going out into nature and exploring, but always hated not being able to share one tent. This tent was the solution we needed since it allowed us to stay together at the end of the day. Six people can sleep here with ease – and maybe even seven if they are on the shorter side.

It is a great tent for adventures, and I’d even take it out to some festivals, too. Also, it weighs 15lbs and is easy to set up – but you do need to use stakes to do it.


  • The tent comes with a waterproof rain cap and bottom – though I’d advise staying away from the sides.
  • You can set it up quickly if you know what you are doing – and you are not camping on the rocky ground.
  • You do not need to bring a tarp – but make sure you have a sleeping bag.
  • There are high and low vents, which means you will easily cool it down during those hot, hot summer days (and nights).


  • While the airflow is good, the top part is not airtight. This means that dust or bugs can crawl in – so prepare something against these.
  • Although it is quite spacious, I am not sure if it would fit 7 people as the name claims.

Best for: Groups of friends who love sharing a tent.

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OneTigris TIPINOVA Teepee Tent

OneTigris TIPINOVA Teepee Tent
OneTrigris says that they “make gear for the wild and the free” – and this description fits me so well. I love zoning out of my small town, venturing out into the countryside, and trekking alone. And this tent is just perfect for that occasion.

It has a single-piece fabric construction, which makes it weigh only 2.6lbs. There is a downside to this, though. Sometimes, it can be tough to roll it back up into the bag.

The tent is a nice size for me. However, bear in mind that I am only 5’6” tall. I could comfortably stretch in there, but a taller person might have some trouble.


  • The tent is very light – only 2.6lbs – which makes it perfect even if you are not a powerlifter.
  • It also has an adjustable height, which means that you can (theoretically) set it up anywhere between 47” and 53”.
  • The ventilation in the tent is great. There are vents on the bottom and the top. However, the top one can flop around in higher winds.
  • The tent is easy to set up and take down thanks to its single-piece fabric.


  • The door opens from the sides towards the top. This means you might need to do some weird gymnastics to seal it shut.
  • The single-wall can spell trouble for taller people because it can lead to condensation. This is, however, a general disadvantage of all single-piece fabric tens.

Best for: A single explorer (or two of them) looking for a light, easy to set-up overnight shelter.

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This is yet another tent that seems great for a family. What I like the most about it is the size. The tent can fit anywhere from four to seven people. This means you can use it on family trips, or when going camping with friends.

At 30lbs, it is a bit heavier than the tents I’ve mentioned above. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot carry it around easily!

However, I would advise you to waterproof it well before using it. It seems that sometimes, some of the seams are not of the highest quality.


  • Easy to set up – you can do it in under 30 minutes all by yourself. This is amazing for a tent of this size.
  • There is plenty of room for everyone. You will even be able to fit a couple of air mattresses inside as well.
  • At around 30lbs, it is easy to carry and transport. This makes it perfect for adventures.
  • A lot of windows (5 vent ones and 2 regular ones) means you can enjoy the world around you.


  • The windows zip from the outside. This is so the water doesn’t run inside, but it means you need to go out into the rain to zip them.
  • The vent system comes with many parts, but it might not be the best. During summer, it can get inside during the day.

Best for: Families who want a bigger tent that is easy and quick to build.

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Choosing The Best Teepee Tent: A Comprehensive Guide

There is a reason why teepee tents are popular. They are usually very easy to make, and they are great for all ages. Kids will especially love them because of their shape – and teepees can often come in interesting colors as well to further attract your youngest members.

The materials they come in also help make teepees light – and therefore easy to carry. These traits make them the perfect choice for some simply trekking trips.

However, there are still some things to keep in mind when picking the best teepee tent. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Size (and Weight)

As you might have noted from this very article, teepee tents come in a multitude of sizes. This is an important trait to look into – you will want your tent to accommodate your family or friends. From single-person teepee tents to monstrosities that house 8 people, there is a lot of variety – so pick carefully.

The general advice is to always get a tent that’s two “sizes” larger than the group that’s going to use it. For example, if there are four of you, then picking a six-person tent is the smart decision.

The same really applies to the weight of the tent as well. Depending on your activities, you might want to pick lighter or heavier tents. Of course, this will depend on how much weight you can carry, too, but also the quality of the material of the tent.

For example, if you enjoy camping for multiple days as much as I do, you might want to go for a lighter tent. This will allow you to bring more gear with you and set up a better camp.

Easy Of Setup

Another thing that you should think about is how easy it is to set up your tent. If you are an experienced camper like me, then you would not struggle with even the most complicated tents.

However, not many people have been in Boy Scouts, or know the ropes of setting up a tent. Luckily, the best teepee tents are usually very easy to set up – and you can even turn it into a fun activity to do with your kids.

Still, be wary of how easy (or difficult) it is to set up the tent before you buy it. Sometimes, even I appreciate an easy-to-set-up tent when arriving at the campsite in the late evening.


There is nothing worse than waking up in a puddle of water – trust me, I speak from experience! Not only can this make your nights extremely cold, but damp tents weigh more. This can turn a pleasant hike into something straight out of a nightmare.

Sadly, I had to learn this the tough way – on my very first hike, as a matter of fact. From that experience, I have learned to always look into the ventilation system that the tent offers.

When humid air (like the inside of a tent) gets in contact with a cold surface (like the wall of your tent), condensation happens. This creates moisture, which can make the whole tent damp – or even wet.

Good ventilation is how you stop condensation from forming inside the tent. And this is why it is one of the most important qualities to look for in a teepee tent.


Materials go hand-in-hand with the vent system. Depending on what materials were used for the tent, it can be extremely easy (or extremely hard) to ventilate.

Not only that, but the materials will influence the temperature in the tent, and this is why it is important to look into them.

Of course, the obvious – it is the materials of the tent that play a huge role in its weather-resistance.

So make sure you know where you will be setting up a tent when looking into its materials. You might want to use different tents in cooler climates than the ones you would in the desert.

Additional Features

Finally, you should also check if your teepee has any additional teachers to boast. You might have noticed that I also talked a lot about the tent stoves because I like to cook when camping.

There are other features to look into as well:

  • The rainfly,
  • Double stitching,
  • Tub floor,
  • Additional venting systems
  • Etc, etc, etc.

However, due to how many different features they can be, it’s important to think about what you need your tent to do for you before making your choice.

Our Verdict

Picking the right tent for you can be tough. There is just so much to take into consideration.

My favorite from the top five tents I described above is definitely the Guide Gear Deluxe 18’ x 18’ Teepee Tent. It is a huge tent which you can share with your friends (and your dog – which I adore), and it offers additional space for your items.

Replacing some of the parts (like the mentioned rings) doesn’t come hard for me, and I think it is a small price to pay for security.

Nevertheless, it is a wonderful tent which offers great quality for its price tag.