The Best Cabin Tents Your Whole Group Will Love

mountain view through tent door

In case you’re short on time, our top pick is the Core Equipment 9-person instant cabin tent.

There’s nothing more annoying than going camping, waking up in the middle of the night, and bumping your head on the ceiling. You shake the whole tent, startling the entire group, and disrupting everyone’s sleep.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a tent that was so tall, even LeBron James could walk around in it?

In this article, I’ll review our top five best cabin tents. Compared to a dome tent, cabin tents give you unparalleled vertical space to walk around in.

These tents are great for camping with large groups, but which one is the best?

Let’s find out.

Best Cabin Tents: Our Top 5 Picks

Core Equipment 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Core Equipment 9-Person Instant Cabin TentOur pick for the best cabin tent is the Core Equipment 9-person instant cabin tent. It’s got a lot of features and a ton of space, all at an affordable price.

When it comes to size, this tent is a great option for groups of six or seven people. It’s sized for 9, but we all know that means 9 children, not adults.

The 9-person model can fit two queen size air beds and has a room divider for added privacy between the two.

Even though this tent is extra-large, setup is not extra-hard. As an instant tent, the poles come pre-attached, meaning setup takes 60 seconds (or less).

To keep you cool at night, this tent has an adjustable ground vent along the edge of the floor. The fact that they’re fully adjustable means you can close them up in the winter months to stay warm.

Core also provides different configurations to suit everyone’s needs. This tent is available in green and wine (burgundy) colors, and there’s a 9 and 12-person model.

Although I recommend the 9-person tent, the 12-person is a great choice if you have an extra-large group that wants a tent with extra room and extra doors.

Another thing I love about this tent is the front door. Unlike other tents, this one uses a large T-style door which opens up on both sides. This allows you to inflate a queen-size air mattress outside the tent, then conveniently move it inside.

Other features I like include the factory-sealed seams and velcro ports for electrical cord access.


  • 6’6” center height allows anyone to walk around inside
  • Large T-style front door means moving gear into the tent is no issue
  • Bottom air vents keep the whole group cool at night
  • Instant setup takes 60 seconds, giving you more time for rest & relaxation
  • Strong wind protection thanks to steel uprights
  • Reasonably priced – not too expensive, but doesn’t skimp out on quality


  • If using the room divider, the backroom doesn’t have a door, which can make night-time bathroom breaks a challenge

Best for: large groups that want an easy-to-use tent with tons of space.

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Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin

Coleman 6-Person Instant CabinNext up is the Coleman 6-person instant cabin tent. I like this tent because, much like the Core tent above, it’s got great space and is quick-pitch.

The difference is, this tent is made for smaller groups. This 6-person model says it can fit 2 queen-sized airbeds, but I found it’s quite the squeeze to fit both of them inside.

There’s also a 4-person tent available if you want the height of a cabin tent without all the horizontal space.

When it comes to weather protection, this tent is a solid choice. It uses Coleman’s patented WeatherTec design, which means your floor is welded in and the seams have inverted stitching. The top is also made of their PolyGuard 2x fabric, giving your tent double the thickness.

This tent comes with an integrated rain fly. This is good because it saves you weight and time, but it’s not exactly as strong as an external rain fly. It also means you can’t remove the rain fly to watch the stars at night.

Lastly, it’s seriously affordable. Coleman always provides great bang for the buck, and this tent is no exception.


  • Sets up instantly – can be done in one minute tops
  • Folds up and packs away in the bag super easily – a necessity for cabin tents
  • Large for a 6 person tent – 10’ by 9’ with 6’ center height
  • Big front door, huge windows on every wall, and a ceiling vent provide great ventilation
  • WeatherTec seams and seals are superb for water protection


  • Rain fly is not removable, so you might want to buy an external one for heavy rain
  • Front door can be hard to get in and out of in the middle of the night

Best for: smaller groups that want an affordable, quick-pitch tent with cabin-style headroom.

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SpringBar Highline 8-Person Canvas Tent

If the Coleman or Core tents aren’t for you, you might want to check out a canvas tent. Canvas tents are pricier than most nylon or polyester tents, but they’ll definitely out-live and out-perform them.

When it comes to canvas tents, my favorite is the SpringBar Highline 8-person cabin tent. SpringBar has been making canvas tents since 1961, so they know a thing or two about how to make quality camping gear.

The big benefit of canvas tents is that the material is 100% more breathable and durable than nylon or polyester.

Canvas is much heavier than polyester, so you won’t be backpacking with this tent. But for car camping, the SpringBar is bar-none.

Setting up your SpringBar tent might be a challenge if you’re used to polyester tents with the usual poles and guy lines. Thankfully, SpringBar’s instructions that come with the tent are crystal clear. After one pitch you’ll have the setup mastered.

As a cabin tent, the SpringBar provides tons of upright space (6’6” at the center) and horizontal space (10’ by 14’). It also comes with an awning that can be used to extend your tent with a little porch.


  • Extreme breathability and superior shade make this tent great for summer
  • Thick material means this is the best tent for fighting snowfall
  • 100% cotton duck canvas combined with SpringBar’s lifetime warranty create a truly indestructible tent
  • Big doors and adjustable awning give this tent multiple setup options to suit your mood
  • Large screened windows that are great for ventilation and viewing nature


  • Heavy – definitely not for backpacking
  • Larger upfront investment – but will pay off over time

Best for: car campers who want a durable, breathable tent that will last for decades.

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Coleman Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent With Closet

Coleman Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent With ClosetMaybe the SpringBar is too pricey for your tastes. In that case, the Coleman Tenaya Lake tent is another great family tent. This is an 8-person tent and competes with the Core 9-person I mentioned earlier.

This tent is more affordable than the Core but offers a similar amount of space.

The only knock is I found the Core to have better weather protection than this Coleman cabin tent does.

Despite that, this is a seriously large tent that provides a great camping experience for families and groups alike. As an 8-person tent, it fits 2 queen-size airbeds, or one queen and two twins (for the families out there).

Not only is it large, but it’s built with you in mind. This tent comes with 6’8” of center height, a hinged door (so you can enter and exit with ease), and a built-in closet.

Yes, a built-in closet.

This is one of the only tents I’ve ever seen that comes with a closet. If keeping your clothes and gear organized is a priority for you, definitely check out this tent.

On top of that, it comes with all the Coleman features I’ve come to love. You get WeatherTec inverted seams, FastPitch setup, and a weather-resistant zipper cuff. This last bit makes sure your zippers don’t leak water.


  • Color-coded tent poles & hubs for fast setup (should take less than 10 minutes)
  • Included roller bag makes transporting this large tent (41 lbs) a breeze
  • Built-in closet to store your clothes in keeps your tent tidy & free of clutter
  • Considering all the features, this is a stellar price for a quality Coleman tent
  • Electrical port and hinged doors make this tent convenient for the whole family


  • The front door has 3 sets of zippers (D shape, mesh window, open door) which can be confusing
  • As a large family cabin tent, packing it up and stuffing it in the bag might be challenging

Best for: families that want an easy-to-use tent with lots of organization and space for every family camping trip.

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Browning Big Horn Cabin Tent


Browning Big Horn Cabin Tent


Last but not least is the Browning Big Horn cabin tent. You might know Browning for their hunting rifles, but did you know they also make amazing tents?

Browning’s Big Horn tent is a great option for those looking for a family cabin tent.

Available in one-room (5 person) and two-room (8 person) models, the Big Horn is a tent that’s easy to set up but hard to beat up. It’s got steel upright poles, giving it ultimate strength and stability in the wind.

I recommend the two-room model for its size and supreme space. It comes with a room divider, so you can get some quiet time away from the kids. Or, have a separate room for changing clothes.

On top of that, this tent is big. There’s 10’ by 15’ of floor space, and it has an epic 7’3” center height. That beats any tent here!

Even though it’s a large camping tent, you won’t have to worry about traffic jams thanks to its two doors.

It’s also got great breathability thanks to the four windows built-in.

Plus, it’s super easy to carry. For a tent of this size, it’s pretty light, weighing in at only 34 lbs.


  • One of the lightest two-room tents you can buy
  • Spacious tent with supreme height so anyone can walk around inside
  • No shortage of room, storage pockets, doors or windows
  • Great weather protection thanks to factory sealed seams, a durable rain fly, and quality materials
  • Full mesh ceiling and removable rain fly allow the whole family to stargaze at night


  • The tent floor might be too thin for rough terrain – we recommended putting a tarp underneath
  • Not as affordable as some other tents of a similar size

Best for: large groups looking for an extra-large camping tent that will last for a long time.

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What To Look For In A Cabin Tent

a cabin tent in the woods

Now that you’ve seen my top picks, it’s time for me to show you what to look for in a cabin style tent.

Picking a cabin tent is quite different than shopping for a backpacking tent. Since cabin tents are heavier than their dome tent counterparts, most people who want a cabin tent are car campers, not backpackers. That means you’ve got completely different priorities to the person searching for an ultralight backpacking tent.

So, here’s what to keep your eye on.


First and foremost, picking the right tent size is absolutely paramount. Which tent size you choose depends on how many people you plan to camp with, how much gear you’re taking, and how much personal space you want.

Most tents are pretty liberal when it comes to sizing. For example, an “8-person” tent can realistically fit 8 small children or 6 adults. Keep this in mind when looking at a tent.

The best way to check the real sizing is to see how many beds you can fit inside. If the tent says 8-person, but only fits two queen-size beds, will you really be able to fit 8 people on two queen-size beds? Probably not. Look at how many beds it fits to accurately size your tent.

You also want to consider center height. Depending on how tall you and your gang are, you might want to splurge and get a tent with a taller center height. Either way, cabin tents are all pretty walkable, so that shouldn’t be an issue for most people.


When it comes to tents, ease of setup is always important. When it comes to large cabin tents, setup is even more important.

These tents can be big – really big – and you don’t want to lose precious outdoors time fiddling with poles and struggling with setup.

That’s why we prefer tents that are either quick-pitch or instant-pitch. This means the tent manufacturer went out of their way to make setup easy. Either by pre-attaching the poles, or keeping the frame as one piece, quick-pitch designs are well worth upgrading to.


When it comes to cabin tents, quality construction is crucial. Since these tents are so large, there’s a lot of surface area that can be damaged by the elements. You don’t want your camping trip ruined by a small tear that drips water onto someone all night.

Take a look at the quality of the fabric, and make sure that it’s strong enough for the expected weather.

Also, consider the material of the poles. Steel and aluminum are stronger than fiberglass poles but will weigh more and cost more.

Above all, check out the reviews to make sure the tent holds up in real life. Even the best-designed tents have issues sometimes.

Bells & Whistles

Finally, take a look at the bells & whistles that come with the tent. You might come across some little features that you need, in which case, go for it!

Here are some factors that tents vary on:

  • Number of doors & windows
  • Storage pockets in the sides, a gear loft & a lantern hook
  • Hinged doors for easy entrance/exit
  • A screen room or awning
  • Closet (as seen in the Coleman cabin tent!)
  • Rain fly – is it strong, or integrated?

Which features you want come down to personal preference, which is why we’ve given you different options with a variety of these built-in.

Our Verdict

To wrap things up, cabin tents are a great choice for anyone looking to go camping with a large group of people. Their straight walls give added horizontal space (for more beds) and way more headspace (for easier movement).

However, cabin tents aren’t perfect. They’re generally larger and heavier, so they’re not suited to backpacking. They can also be difficult to set up, so we recommend instant-pitch or quick-pitch cabin tents.

If you’re looking to get started with a cabin tent, we recommend Core Equipment’s 9-person instant cabin tent. It’s large enough for a big group, but not so big that it feels like you’re in a circus tent. It’s got great weather protection but won’t empty your wallet.

Most importantly, it’s an instant-pitch tent, meaning you can have it set up within 60 seconds. Overall, it’s an excellent tent that anyone can use to enjoy nature in style.