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Best 5 Tents For Beach Camping In 2023

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If you don’t have much time, the best beach tent is the Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader.

If you’re like me, you love beach camping. Falling asleep to the sweet song of the waves and roasting marshmallows on the sandy shores of a beach campground sounds like heaven.

But, there’s a catch. It can be hard to find a tent that works well on the loose sand when camping on a beach. That’s why I’ve decided to write this post to show you my top picks for the best tent for beach camping available today.

Best Tents For Beach Camping: Our Top 5 Picks

Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader

Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader
Easthills Outdoors is a fashionable brand that does not disappoint with this tent. The Instant Shader comes with a spacious interior that fits up to 4 adults and could squeeze in some kids as well. In addition, this makes it a great tent for camping with dogs.

This instant tent can be set up in four easy steps. The instructions say it can be done in a minute or less. Simply spread the poles, lift the center of the tent and pull the drawstrings. Like magic, the tent is standing!

On this particular sun shelter, you can zip the front of the tent up for added privacy. It’s perfect for changing in and out of your swimwear or simply keeping your things closed away while you’re out of the tent. The zippers can be closed from the inside or outside.

The tent is made of a lightweight and water-resistant coated polyester material. It gives UV protection of UPF 50+ and blocks up to 97.5% of harmful UV rays.

Due to this being a larger tent, it weighs about 8 pounds. This is a little heavier than most other tents in this range.


  • It comes with a zippable front for added privacy and security, which when not zipped can be used as extra floor space
  • An extremely sturdy frame that customers say work great on a windy or stormy day
  • It has three large windows that can be tied up or closed with ease
  • Comes with a large number of accessories to add stability (10 plastic stakes, 4 guylines, and attached sand weights)
  • Quick and easy setup that can be done in under a minute


  • It can be challenging to stow away after a day of use
  • Heavier than most other tents at 8 pounds

Best for: from overnight campers to families, this tent is for anyone! As long as your group isn’t too big, you’ll love this tent.

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Pacific Breeze Easy Beach Deluxe Tent

Pacific Breeze Easy Beach Deluxe Tent
This shade tent is a great choice for a family of four going to the beach. Its pop-up design gives you a fast and easy setup. That means you can spend more time relaxing, and less time figuring out which pole goes where.

The materials used in the construction of the tent provide breathability, water-resistance, and 50+ UPF sun protection.

The tent is built with three large windows for improved ventilation on a hot day. Its frame is made from high-quality lightweight fiberglass poles. This gives the tent added strength and makes it convenient to transport. And, speaking of transportation, its well-designed case makes it even easier.

The interior comes with 5 sand pockets, and on the outside, you’ll get 4 tent stakes to hold down the fort on a windy day.

This tent is available with or without the extendable floor. We recommend ponying up the cash for the extended floor – it’s well worth it.

My favorite feature of this tent is that it’s lightweight and easily foldable. Sun protection is also a great plus.


  • The lightweight, compact design is made for convenience
  • High-quality materials give high sun protection, major durability, and incredible ventilation
  • The tent’s easy setup system allows for a poleless pitch that can be put up in as little as 5 minutes
  • The tent comes with a 1-year warranty with extensive call and email support
  • Extendable floor model keeps sand out of your tent


  • Tarped flooring can be difficult to clean
  • Blue is the only color option

Best for: families of four to six looking for a tent to use during a day out at the beach.

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G4Free Beach Tent

G4Free Beach Tent
The G4Free beach tent made this list thanks to its ultralight pop-up design that allows the beach shelter to be opened in just 1 second. Wow!

The frame is built from steel wire, which allows for extreme flexibility. According to G4Free, steel is safer than fiberglass as well.

The weight of the tent sits at 2.4 pounds, making it one of the lightest large beach tents out there. This tent can fit 2 adults and 2 children in comfort. But, the tent lacks headspace making it sub-optimal for taller folks.

If you’re into aesthetics, you’ll love this tent’s color options. You can get orange, yellow, blue, green, and white. The build also includes a ventilation system of 3 large windows on each side of the tent, allowing for a comfortable setting on a hot day.

Although opening this tent is easy, sometimes packing it up can be annoying. This is to be expected with pop-up tents, which are made to stay in their popped shape.


  • At 2.4 pounds, this tent is extremely light compared to others on the market
  • Great wind resistance for those on a windy beach – the steel wire frame holds up nicely
  • A range of colors to choose from for those who want their tent to match their swimsuit
  • Super easy setup, just toss into the air in an open space and the tent is ready to go in seconds
  • 50+ UPF UV protection means you won’t fry on the beach


  • The height of the tent can be restricting for taller people
  • While the tent may be easy to set up, it can be tough to fold up and put away due to the strong frame

Best for: small families and couples who visit the beach frequently and don’t want to waste time setting up.

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Lightspeed Outdoors Shelter

Lightspeed Outdoors Shelter
This sun shelter prides itself on being one of the easiest on the market when it comes to setup. Like some of the others, this tent has a string-pull system for popping it up, which is highly user-friendly.

The most noticeable feature of this tent is the large overhang at the front. This provides extra sun protection.

Lightspeed coated this tent in an umbrella rated 600mm PU coating. This makes it great for a wet day at the beach or a solid pick for those beach fishermen out there, who need a tent that can handle some splashes.

The shelter comes with a clippable privacy shield that can be closed up from the inside or the outside. Be warned, it’s not a seamless seal and can be slightly translucent. The tent also comes with roll-up windows if required.

Of course, as all tents should, this one comes with large stakes, guylines, and sand pockets for added stability in windy conditions.


  • The large overhang provides extra shade and protection from the sun’s UV rays
  • Oversized carry bag makes for an easy to transport tent and helps when packing it away
  • Extra-large windows on all sides, allowing for great ventilation and also visibility from all sides
  • It can be used in wet conditions, thanks to its umbrella rated 600mm PU coating
  • The awesome privacy feature allows for private nap time on the beach
  • Currently available in an epic tropical print (limited edition)


  • The clippable privacy shield does not cover the entire front of the tent, leaving some parts exposed – the material is also slightly translucent, so maybe think twice before changing clothes inside

Best for: great for outdoorsmen, fishermen and those who will be at the beach during the rainy season.

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Outdoor Master Pop Up Beach Tent

Outdoor Master Pop Up Beach Tent
This popup tent comes in a similar design to some beach tents we’ve already looked at. The tent uses an easy-to-operate pull-cord setup. It’s simple enough for most folks to set up, and strong enough to withstand strong winds.

The tent comes with an oversized carry bag that can be slung over your shoulder in a hurry, allowing for easy transportation.

The weight of the tent, however, comes in at around 8 pounds, which is on the higher end of the beach tent scale.

The product prides itself on its flexibility of use. The company says it can be used “on any surface,” but I’ve only used it on sand or grass.

Like most beach tents, the Outdoor Master provides UV SPF 50+ protection. It’s got 3 roll-up windows and a full coverage privacy door at the front.


  • You can use this tent on the beach or anywhere else – it’s effective on sand dunes, as well as grass and dirt terrain
  • Full coverage and a seamless privacy door with a two-way zipper give you added shade
  • The roll-up windows easily close on all 3 sides
  • The transport carry bag makes life easier – it’s a joy to throw this over your shoulder and hit the beach
  • 53” center height means it provides lots of headroom for taller people
  • Pull-cord design is so easy, a caveman could do it


  • The tent can get very hot, so make sure you open the windows to get some fresh air

Best for: campers looking for a tent that’s easy to set up and provides a good amount of privacy.

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Picking The Perfect Beach Tent

a woman on a beach holding a folded popup tent

Now that you’ve seen my top picks for beach tents, let’s talk about what to look for when you’re scoping out beach tents. There are probably thousands of tents on the market, and it’s easy to get lost. To save time and energy, follow the guidelines below.

What Are You Using It For?

Certain tents are better at certain things.

If you’re looking for a tent to give you some beach shade during the day, it’s best to look for a tent with good ventilation and a large open area at the front. You might even decide to skip the tent and choose a pop up canopy instead.

On the other hand, your requirements are different if you’re looking to spend a night on the beach. You’ll want a sturdy, weather-resistant tent with a zippable or clippable front for privacy and safety.

Size Of The Tent

If you’re one person, it’s safe to say that any size beach tent would work.

However, if you’re like me, you’ll need to have room for a few extra people. Larger tents like some of the ones featured here are going to be safer choices for groups.

Remember to check the dimensions of a tent before purchasing to make sure it’s the right size for you.

Ease Of Use

Humans love “easy”. If we can make something easy, we’ll do it.

The same applies to tents. Pop-up tents are the best when it comes to ease of use, with the string-pull mechanism following closely behind. Both take less than 5 minutes to set up.

If you’re not too worried about the setup time of the tent, it’s best to look at the other key features such as materials, durability, and sturdiness.

Benefits Of Beach Tents

2 people on a beach in front of a tent

It’s no secret that you could just go ahead and pitch any old tent on a beach if you wanted to. But, there’s a reason a beach tent is called a beach tent, and the key is in the name.

Generally, we go to the beach in the summer, when the sun is out and the temperature is warm. If you’re taking a standard camping tent, chances are you’re going to be sweating like crazy.

The benefit of using a beach shelter is that they offer a large amount of ventilation to keep you cool. They also protect you from the sun’s dangerous UV rays.

I assure you, it’s better to use a specialized tent fit for a specific purpose. Many people, including myself, have made the mistake of ignoring the obvious!

What’s The Best Kind Of Beach Tent?

The best kind of beach tent for you comes down to personal preference.

My favorite kind of beach tent is the string-pull design. Usually, I find that these are the best for all conditions and are way sturdier than others.

Our Verdict

After reviewing many great beach tents, I’ve decided that the Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader is my top pick.

This tent allows for a large amount of space with the added option of complete privacy. The easy string-pull set-up makes this tent highly portable and easy to set up and take down.

Ventilation is crucial in the summer, and Easthills gives you plenty of air. The UV protection and water-resistant coated polyester material make this a great option year-round.

Unless you’re backpacking, you can never have too much space when camping. So, whether you’re going at it lone ranger style or taking the kids on a camping trip, Easthills Instant Shader has everything you need in a spectacular beach tent.