Best 8 Person Tent For Family Camping In 2021

large tent with a person inside

In a rush? After a lot of research, I found that Browning Camping Big Horn Tent is the best 8 person tent on the market today.

Maybe you want to introduce your kids to the joys of camping. Or maybe you want to invite a couple of your buddies to join you on an adventure trip.

No matter the reason, sleeping in a smaller tent is just not going to cut it. 

You need to find a bigger tent that can accommodate the entire group – and that’s where 8 person tents shine. 

Read on to discover the best 8 person tent available today.

Best 8 Person Tent: Our Top 5 Recommendations

Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent

Coleman’s Montana 8 Person Tent is a good entry-level tent for casual campers who want to upgrade to a larger tent but are not willing to pay a small fortune.

With 112 square feet of floor space and a ceiling of 6’2’’, this tent is roomy enough to accommodate families with several kids. 

Setup and takedown are quick and easy and can be done in 10-20 minutes if you have several people helping you.


  • Angled windows allow air circulation even when it’s raining
  • Spacious – 122 square feet of space and 6’2’’ ceiling make it easy to move around in the tent
  • Affordable – great price for an entry-level tent 
  • With the rainfly on, the tent is quite sturdy and will stand up to strong winds
  • Covered porch area allows you to open the door during rain for extra ventilation


  • Some people have reported that the tent is not fully waterproof and can leak
  • Only one door which can make getting in and out of the tent a bit harder

Best for: Casual camping families looking for an affordable tent.

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Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

If you love tents with a screen room, you might want to invest in this tent.

Wenzel Klondike Tent is roomy – the inner room is 98 sqft. and the screen room has more than 60 sqft.  The inner room also has a ceiling of the height of 6’5’’ so you can easily stand upright in the tent.

The screen room can be zipped up to act as a second room. If the weather is good, it can serve as a porch, and its mesh walls will allow you to enjoy the view without getting any bugs in your tent.


  • Quick setup time of under 15 minutes with two people 
  • Sealed seams and bathtub floor will prevent rain from coming inside your tent
  • Roomy – rooms are 98 sqft. and 60 sqft. with headroom of 6’5’’ feet
  • Mesh windows keep the bugs out and provide good ventilation
  • Pretty affordable given its size and features


  • The screen room has a ceiling that is 6 to 8 inches lower than the interior room, which means you won’t be as comfortable moving around 

Best for: Campers who want a tent with a screen room to relax in.

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Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

Almost a palace, the Browning Big Horn Tent is enormous – it measures 150 square feet in floor space and has a ceiling of over 7 feet. Combine that with straight sidewalls and a room divider, and you get a tent that provides a lot of space for both people and gear.

Not only that, but it also comes with two doors, meaning you won’t have to wake everybody up if you need to go pee-pee during the night.

However, all this comes at a price. This tent is somewhat more expensive than some other 8 person tents. 

It’s also a bit heavier – almost 35 pounds. However, it’s likely you’ll use this tent for car camping, so that shouldn’t be that big of a deal.


  • HUGE – 150 square feet of space and the height of over 7 feet make it a bonafide castle
  • Two doors mean you can enter and exit the tent without tripping over your tent buddies
  • With a mesh roof, 4 windows, and two doors this tent gets plenty of air circulation
  • Superior materials like polyester fly and polyester oxford floor mean you will stay dry even during heavy rain and downpour
  • Six pouches inside make it convenient to store small items
  • You’ll get more privacy thanks to a room divider


  • A bit pricier than some other tents on this list 

Best for: Families who want a big tent that will last them for years.

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Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent

I’ll be honest: I wondered whether I should include this tent or not.

On one hand, this tent is inexpensive, roomy, and easy to set up.

On the other hand, many people complained that the tent didn’t last more than a few trips before they noticed rips and tears.

Just know what you’re getting in for.

My best recommendation is that if you only camp a few times a year, the low price and big size of this tent are still reason enough to buy it. Just be sure you are camping in fair weather.


  • Affordable – like most Coleman tents this one is a great combination of price and size
  • Dividers can create 3 rooms for even more privacy
  • Setup is less than 15 mines with two people
  • Bathtub floor gives extra protection against rain building up under your tent 


  • It’s not made out of the highest quality materials so rips and tears are possible 

Best for: People looking for an affordable 3-room tent to use in fair weather.

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TOMOUNT 8-Person Tent

If you’re camping in places where rainstorms are a frequent event, you’ll love this tent.

With an HH rating of 4000mm, the TOMOUNT 8-Person Tent will endure even tropical rains while keeping you warm and dry. 

It’s also incredibly easy to assemble for an 8 person tent. You can pitch it in less than 10 mins thanks to color-coded poles that tell you precisely where each part fits.


  • Easy assembly (10 mins) thanks to color-coded poles
  • The divider can be used to add extra privacy
  • 5 windows keep the air circulating and the tent ventilated
  • E-port allows you to charge your devices by running a cord to an outside power source
  • HH rating of 4000m means you’ll be dry and warm no matter how much it’s raining outside


  • Some people complained that the instructions were confusing 

Best for: People looking for a big waterproof tent.

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What To Look For When Buying An 8 Person Tent

Buying an 8 person tent is a more complicated process than buying smaller tents. Since they are bigger, pricier, and have more features, nobody will blame you if you feel overwhelmed when you’re choosing the best one for you.

To fix this, I whittled down the criteria you should be mindful of to just a few. Now we’ll discuss them below.


Obviously, an 8 person tent can fit 8 people…right? 

Well, yes and no.

Eight people can fit in if you enjoy being crammed in like packed sardines, feeling everybody’s body heat around you.

Realistically, these types of tents can fit around 6 people comfortably. That will give you some room to maneuver and store your gear inside the tent.

Also, pay attention to the height. Most 8 person tents have a high ceiling (around 6 ft.) so standing upright shouldn’t be a problem – but it’s still something to keep in mind. 

Lastly, be mindful of the weight. Backpacking is out of the question unless you enjoy carrying around 20-30 pounds of a tent on your back. Their larger size and extra features make them ideal for car camping though.

Ease of Setup

Besides the size, assembly time is one of the main differences between larger and smaller tents. While two and four-person tents can be assembled within minutes, expect the setup of 8-person tents to take you about 20 to 30 minutes. 

Of course, the main advantage here is that you’ll have someone to help you pitch the tent, so the process can go quicker. 

With that said, most of the tents on this list should be easy enough to assemble (even just by yourself).

One good piece of advice is to practice setting up and taking down your tent in your backyard first. That way you won’t waste too much time reading instructions when you’re camping and can focus on having a good time and enjoying the outdoors.


A good thing about larger tents is that they come equipped with a lot of cool extra features smaller tents lack.

Some of these features include:

  • Multiple doors
  • Room dividers for extra privacy
  • Extra storage space and large vestibules
  • Several windows for better ventilation

When you have several people sleeping in the tent, getting in and out can be a problem. If you have to go in the middle of the night, you have to step over everyone just to get to the door. Having two doors solves that problem since it makes the exit closer to everyone.

Another great feature of larger tents are extra rooms that can be created using a room divider. This is a lifesaver if you have a mixed group of men and women camping together or if you just want to give your kids more privacy.

With bigger size comes bigger storage space and vestibules. This allows you to pack more gear and luxuries without having to worry about where you’ll put all that stuff. That way you can enjoy your camping trip in the comfort that people with smaller tents just don’t have.

Having several windows is terrific since it provides not only better ventilation, but it also means you get a better view of the outside. You can better enjoy looking at nature, or you can just check to see if there’s danger outside of the tent from all sides.


Proper ventilation is always important, but it’s doubly so when you have 6 or 8 people camping together in a tent.

Since ventilation is primarily provided by windows, you want to make sure your tent has several of them. Additionally, check for air vents that will allow air to circulate in and out of the tent.

Dome Or Cabin Style

Choosing a dome or cabin style tent comes down to personal preference. 

If you go with a dome style tent, you’ll get better wind resistance, however, you won’t be able to stand up and walk around in the tent.

And while cabin tents provide more space and comfort, they are not the best when it comes to enduring harsh weather conditions. 


As seasoned campers know, it’s wise to invest a bit more to buy a durable tent that will last you for years. Since your tent is your home away from home, you want to be sure that it is as strong and sturdy as it can be.

Now, the tent’s durability mostly depends on the materials it is made of.

Most common materials used are:

  • Canvas
  • Ripstop nylon
  • Polyester

Canvas is great and highly durable, however, it is not waterproof right out of the box and it is very heavy. This makes it less practical for most people.

Tents made out of ripstop nylon are a popular choice nowadays. That’s because they are made out of fabric that will stop cuts and tears from spreading and destroying the entire tent.

Polyester tents are very similar to nylon tents, they are just better at resisting UV damage. If your tent and you are going to be spending a lot of time in the sun, these should be your first choice.

Weather protection

The last thing you want when you’re camping in a large group is a tent that leaks water all over you. 

While most tents these days claim to be waterproof, in reality, this is not the case. 

Look for features such as high HH rating (over 1500 mm); inverted seams, and bathtub floors. These features are present in the best tents and will make sure you stay bone dry during heavy rain. If you want to cover all your bases, investing in a good waterproof spray can also be a good choice.

A good rainfly is also essential. Check to be sure that the rainfly extends all the way down and covers the entire tent. If it doesn’t, the rain can still get in and you could wake up in a puddle of water tomorrow morning. 

Our Verdict

After careful deliberation, it’s clear that the Browning Camping Big Horn Tent is the best 8 person tent on the market today. 

Not only is it incredibly roomy, but with two doors, mesh roof, and several windows it provides great ventilation.

It also comes with sealed seams, an enforced floor, and a rainproof rainfly which will keep you bone dry even if you get caught in a thunderstorm.

True, it is a bit pricier than some other larger tents. However, if you want a well made, quality tent that you can use for years, you should definitely consider Browning’s Big Horn Tent.