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The 10 Best Camp Showers 2024 (Portable Shower Buyer’s Guide)

NEMO Helio Pressure Shower
Advanced Elements Summer Shower
Sea to Summit Pocket Shower
  • Powered by foot pump

  • 7 foot hose

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Available in 2.5, 3, 5 & 10 Gallon Sizes

  • Gravity Hanging shower

  • Solar Powered Heating

  • Weighs only 5.25 ounces

  • Perfect for Backpackers

  • 10 Liter capacity

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If you’re in a rush, we believe the NEMO Helio Pressure Shower is the best portable camp shower. 

Enjoying the outdoors to the fullest doesn’t have to mean being dirty all the time.

Not when there are amazing portable camp showers available on the market.

To help you stay clean, we’ve reviewed the best portable camp showers on the market:

Best Portable Camp Showers: Our Top Picks

NEMO Helio Pressure Shower

NEMO Helio Pressure Shower

Type: Foot Pump | Power Source: Foot | Tank Capicity: 2.9-gallon tank | Packed Size: ‎13.5 x 10.59 x 6.34 inches | Weight: 1.43 lbs | Flow Rate: 5-7 minutes

This pressure shower by NEMO holds a well-deserved spot on our list, since it checks all the boxes.

This shower is pretty compact and lightweight, so it’s great for camping trips where you have to carry gear on your back to the campsite.

Although compact, this camp shower isn’t too small. It has a capacity of 11.4 liters (12 quarts), which can produce a pressurized spray for about 5 to 7 minutes.

What’s great about this pressurized shower is that you can refill it anywhere, without a hose. So as long as you have a source of water to use, you can shower all you want.

The shower comes with a 7-foot-long neoprene hose, which is long enough to hold it overhead for proper showering. At the same time, you can reach all angles when using it to wash your dirty gear.


  • Thanks to folding panels, the shower is easy to set up and packs down small
  • A 7-foot-long hose allows you to hold the shower overhead
  • The horizontal design offers stability
  • The product is covered by a lifetime warranty


  • The nozzle isn’t removable for cleaning purposes

Best for: camping trips that require carrying gear on your back.

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Ivation Portable Outdoor Battery Showered

Ivation Portable Outdoor Battery Showered

Type: Battery Powered – Compact | Power Source: Rechargeable Battery | Tank Capicity: N/A | Packed Size: ‎11.06 x 8.19 x 2.8 inches | Weight: 1.69 lbs | Flow Rate: 10 minutes in 5 gallon bucket

No need to make showering in nature overly complicated. This model by Ivation makes it as simple as possible, by turning your bucket water into a shower.

Here’s what you need to do – place the pump into a bucket filled with water and it will push a continuous stream through the showerhead.

Even though the mechanism is simple, it achieves decent pressure for showering.

This model operates on a battery that lasts up to 60 minutes of use.

What’s also great is you can charge it with a USB cable by plugging it into your laptop or car adapter.

With a 6.5-foot-long hose, suction cup holder and s-shaped hook, you can hang the shower from a tree, car or any other convenient spot you might have.

That way, you can shower hands-free with ease.


  • The battery lasts up to 60 minutes of use
  • A long hose allows you to hang the shower above your head
  • You can recharge the battery via a USB cable on your laptop or car
  • Very lightweight and compact


  • You need to use a bucket to hold the water

Best for: campgrounds and places with an unlimited water source.

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Advanced Elements Summer Shower

Advanced Elements Summer Shower

Type: Hanging | Power Source: Gravity | Tank Capicity: 2.5 to 10 gal | Packed Size: ‎17.99 x 6.06 x 2.05 inches | Weight: 1.3 lbs | Flow Rate: 1 gallon per minute

Showering in nature doesn’t have to be a luxury. This product by Advanced Elements does the job and doesn’t break the bank.

The shower comes in several capacities: 2.5, 3, 5 and 10 gallons. So whatever your camping group size might be, there’s a suitable model for you.

There are no special bells and whistles, and this shower doesn’t need them.

It works on a solar heating principle, and it can heat up to 110 degrees in less than 3 hours in direct sunlight. And to retain warmth, the shower features a reflector panel and insulator panel.

An integrated toiletry pouch is also a nice touch, as it allows you to store your necessities when bathing. It also features Velcro straps for holding soap or washing cloth.


  • A pocket with a reflective mirror allows you to read the temperature
  • Heats up to 110 degrees within 3 hours of being in direct sunlight
  • 2-layer construction ensures water remains warm for a long time
  • Comes in four different capacities, so there’s a model for groups of any size


  • Has an odd smell, so you need to rinse it with baking soda before first use

Best for: campers on a budget.

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Geyser Systems Portable Shower with Heater

geyser system portable shower with heater

Type: Battery Powered | Power Source: 12V Battery | Tank Capicity: 3 Liters | Packed Size: 16 x 9 x 6 in | Weight: 8 lbs | Flow Rate: 15 minutes

It’s never a bad idea to splurge on a camp shower. Not just for cleaning your body, but also for washing dishes, cleaning mud and dirt from your gear, etc.

Well, this is where this shower by Geyser System comes in handy.

The heating system takes 15–45 minutes to heat up water and automatically turns off when it reaches 95 degrees.

If unsure about the temperature, the intuitive LED dashboard will show exactly how warm the water is.

And when the water level drops low, the sensor will let you know it’s time to wrap up your shower.

This shower works two ways. First, you can plug it into your car which needs to be running while you’re using the shower.

Or you can connect it to a deep cycle battery, which has to be bought separately.


  • Advanced pump technology provides consistent water flow at all times
  • Features a 16-foot-long power cord, so that you can keep messy puddles away from the car
  • Comes with a removable scrub sponge with coarse and soft sides for cleaning
  • An LED dashboard lets you know when the shower is hot and ready for use


  • Quite expensive compared to other models on the list

Best for: car campers.

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Sea to Summit Pocket Shower

sea to summit pocket shower

Type: Hanging | Power Source: Gravity | Tank Capicity: 2.6 Gal | Packed Size: 19.81 x 15.49 x 4.32 cm | Weight: 0.2 lbs | Flow Rate: 7 minutes

Just because you’re backpacking, that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough space in your pack for a shower.

This model packs down into a pocket and weighs just five ounces, so you won’t even notice it’s there.

While tiny when not in use, this shower has a capacity of 10 liters, which roughly translates to 7 minutes of showering.

That’s more than enough to clean your body when you’re out in the wilderness.

The shower is black in color, so it doesn’t take long for it to absorb heat from the sun. But if it’s cloudy, you can add hot water to the bag manually.

You can adjust the pressure by twisting the shower head.


  • Extremely lightweight and compact, you won’t even notice it in your backpack
  • Made of nylon, the shower is leakproof and durable
  • The shower provides around 7 minutes of showering
  • Twisting the shower head allows you to control the water pressure


  • The water pressure is not as strong as with most other models on the list

Best for: backpacking and thru-hiking.

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Camplux Pro Series 6L

Camplux Pro Series 6L

Type: Tankless Water Heater | Power Source: Propane | Tank Capicity: 1.58 Gallons | Packed Size: 17.32 x 11.61 x 4.33 inches | Weight: 15 lbs | Flow Rate: ‎1.58 Gallons Per Minute

This model by Camplux is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a gas-powered shower.

It works on liquid propane and can be attached to a jug, barrel or hose if available. And for ignition, it uses two D cell batteries, so no electricity is needed.

The shower heats up very fast, given its 41,000btu/hour input.

What’s great is that it comes with several protection functions like flameout, dry combustion, low water flow and overheating function.

To prevent damage in temperatures under 32 degrees, the shower features a drain plug, which allows it to discharge residual water and avoid freezing.

Just keep in mind that his shower is a bit heavy, so you’ll need to find a thick and sturdy branch or hang it from your car.


  • Heats water up practically instantly
  • Features multiple protection functions to prevent any accidents in the wilderness
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Features a 5-feet shower head and a 6.5-feet hose, so you shower away from the place it’s hung from


  • The pump is somewhat noisy

Best for: families with kids.

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RinseKit Pro Portable Shower

RinseKit Pro Portable Shower

Type: Battery Powered | Power Source: Battery | Tank Capicity: 3.5 gal | Packed Size: ‎16.5 x 14.5 x 12 inches
| Weight: 15.2 lbs | Flow Rate: 5 minutes

If you hate showering with low-pressure water, this portable shower is for you. It’s definitely on the pricier side, but it’s a well-worth investment.

This shower features a unique battery-powered pressurization system, which allows a whopping 50 PSI of maximum pressure.

If you need to remove dried mud from your gear, this shower is your best friend.

And what’s great is that you don’t need to hang the shower to work. Instead, you can keep it on the ground and still enjoy a nice water flow.

The shower has a capacity of 3.5 gallons, which is more than enough for a single person to take their time showering.

As for the battery life, that’s not something you need to worry about. Once charged, it can last up to six months before it needs recharging.


  • The shower achieves up to 50 PSI, which is enough for removing hardened dirt from gear
  • Has a capacity of 3.5 gallons, meaning you don’t have to cut your shower short
  • A battery features a built-in 12-volt socket for charging external devices
  • The spray nozzle has 5 spray settings available


  • On a more expensive side

Best for: campers enjoying outdoor activities in the dirt.

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Yakima RoadShower

Yakima RoadShower

Type: SUV | Power Source: Gravity | Tank Capicity: 4, 7 & 10-gallon sizes | Packed Size: ‎59.25 x 9.75 x 9 inches | Weight: ‎25.5 lbs | Flow Rate: 

Own an SUV? This model by Yakima is designed to be used with off-road vehicles.

Basically, you attach it to your roof rack, so it doesn’t even take up space in your trunk when not in use.

The shower is made of welded aluminum with a durable powder coat finish.

This means it can take quite some wear and tear, and you don’t need to keep it safe from weather elements.

The pressure is pretty good on this shower, but doesn’t go over 55 PSI. That’s actually great, as pressure exceeding that number can be harmful to your skin and gear.

With 7 gallons of capacity, there’s plenty of water for everyone in your group. It features a handy temperature indicator, so you can know how hot it is at all times.


  • With a welded aluminum construction and powder coat finish, this shower is built to last
  • Includes an outlet water port on each end, for more convenient access to water
  • Tops at 55 PSI, which is enough for cleaning gear
  • The stick-on thermometer strip allows you to monitor the temperature


  • Very expensive
  • Very heavy to carry

Best for: SUV camping.

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Decathlon Quechua Solar Pressure Shower 500

Decathlon Quechua Solar Pressure Shower 500

Type: Hanging | Power Source: Gravity | Tank Capicity: 10 liter capacity | Packed Size: 8.7 x 15.4 x 4.7 in | Weight: 1.9 lbs including the bag | Flow Rate: 1:30 minute

This camp shower by Quechua has such a simple yet effective working mechanism.

It features a built-in pump, and it takes no more than 10-15 pumps to get it to the required pressure.

Thanks to the over-pressure valve, you can’t overfill the shower, as it will simply release the extra air water.

When packed, this shower takes up very little space in your inventory. But, it can hold as much as 2.6 gallons of water.

If you need to move it while it’s full, the shower features a convenient strap for that purpose.

The shower is black in color, so it heats up pretty fast in the sun. Make sure to always release a bit of water before showering, to ensure it’s not too hot.


  • Can either be hung or used from the ground
  • The carrying strap makes it easy to transport, especially when full
  • The water level window and temperature gauge allow you to monitor the water condition inside the shower
  • Comes with a repair kit for the pump


  • Can be slightly more tedious to fill with water

Best for: day trips to the beach.

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Coleman OneSource Rechargeable Built-In Pump Camp Shower Sprayer

Coleman OneSource Rechargeable Built-In Pump Camp Shower Sprayer

Type: Battery Powered | Power Source: Rechargeable Battery | Tank Capacity: 3 gallon | Packed Size: ‎12.17 x 11.02 x 7.99 in | Weight: 5.73 lbs | Flow Rate:

If you’re car camping, then this model by Coleman is a great option for you.

It’s battery-powered, and you can recharge it by plugging a USB cable into your vehicle or any other power source.

What’s also great is you can use the same battery to power your other devices, like a phone or tablet.

When collapsed, this 3-gallon basin nests the hose and nozzle and takes little space in your trunk.

But although it might not seem like it, this shower has quite a durable construction that can withstand weather elements.

The shower features a soft-grip large bail handle for easier carrying. Of course, you can also use it to hang the shower.

But given that it has nice pressure even when on the ground, that’s unnecessary.


  • You can plug the battery into your vehicle for charging
  • A built-in pump pressurizes the spray nozzle with four different settings
  • The basin collapses and nests the hose and nozzle for easy portability
  • The shower battery can be used to power your other devices


  • Can leak a bit around the showerhead when in use

Best for: car camping in remote areas.

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Buyers Guide to Portable Camp Showers

a man taking a shower outdoors using a solar water heating bag

Before you start looking for the best model, you need to figure out what to look for.

In this section, we’ll go over important features that you need in a camp shower.

Size/Tank Capacity

First, let’s talk about size.

If you plan on car camping or RV camping, then storage space is not something you’re very concerned with.

But if you’re backpacking or carrying the gear on your back at least a portion of the way to the campsite, then size is an important factor to consider.

Models that deflate or collapse down might be the best option for you.

Another important feature is the tank capacity.

How much water you need depends on a couple of factors…one of them is the number of people that will be using a shower.

Then, if you plan on enjoying some outdoor activities that will surely get you dirty, like mountain biking or hiking, you’ll need water to clean your gear as well.

The availability of water sources is another factor to consider. What’s the point of having a huge shower if you don’t have where to fill it up?

Some models don’t have a tank capacity, as they don’t have a built-in tank. Instead, they pump water from a container or a hose.

The best tank capacity available is the Yakima RoadShower which can hold up to 10 gallons

Pressurized/Flow Rate

Whether you’re showering or cleaning your gear, you’ll need a decent flow rate to be able to remove dirt.

You could have a 100-gallon shower, but without proper water pressure, you won’t be very efficient, especially when cleaning mud.

So naturally, you want a camp shower with a good flow rate – the higher the better.

Most camp showers can’t achieve more than 55 PSI, so you don’t have to worry about the flow being too pressurized for showering.

Gravity showers like the Advanced Elements Summer Shower simply rely on this force to achieve the required pressure for showering, but their flow is much weaker than the one achieved with pumps.

However, those showers are also way lighter than those featuring pumps, so there’s no clear choice between them. It really depends on your priority.

Packed Size

Some camp showers are made of sturdy materials, like plastic or metal, so they can be quite bulky.

But some models, like the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower, are designed to be small and can be packed into a much smaller size.

Packability is an important feature to consider if you’re backpacking and walking on foot to the campsite.

It also comes in handy when traveling by car, as it leaves more room for other stuff.

Heating Capabilities

How does it heat water? Well, there are three different mechanisms available on the market:


As the name suggests, this type of shower uses sunlight to heat up the water. The principle is pretty basic yet very effective on sunny days.

Within just a few hours, you can have piping hot water ready for showering. The Advanced Elements Summer Shower is your best bet here. 

However, it’s not very effective if the weather is bad. The same goes a couple of hours after dusk, when the water will cool down.


Gas-powered camp showers are a great middle ground. They’re more expensive compared to solar showers, but they’re also much faster.

Plus, given they don’t depend on the weather, they’re a much more reliable option. For this one, we like the Camplux Pro Series 6L


Of the three, battery-powered camp showers are typically the most expensive and bulkiest.

But the fact that you can easily recharge it as long as you have some kind of power source (including your vehicle) means you can use it at all times.

Plus, the batteries typically last, you might not even have to do that for the entire trip.

Types of Camp Showers

Okay, we’ve covered how they heat water. But how do they force water through the nozzle? Well, there are three different types of camp showers:


Best portable camp showers

This type of camp shower uses the simplest method available – gravity.

You need to hang them from a certain height, and gravity will force water through the showerhead, creating a nice flow.

Since it only relies on gravity, this type of camp shower is the most affordable. However, the flow rate is nowhere near as good as the flow the other two types create.

Pump (Battery or Foot)

Best portable camp showers

To achieve the required pressure, this type of shower uses a pump to feed water through a hose.

Unlike gravity showers, pump showers don’t need to be raised off the ground to have a decent water flow.

Given the working mechanism behind this type of shower is pretty simple, they’re typically not very expensive either.

Tank (Electric)

Best portable camp showers

Electric camp showers are the most expensive of them all, but they require no work from you.

They still feature a pump, but it’s electric and it feeds water through the hose by itself.

Now, some use lithium-ion rechargeable batteries which you can charge via a USB cable.

These batteries last a long time, so you might even get away with a single charge for the entire trip.

Other models come with a 12V cable that you need to plug into your car’s cigarette lighter to work.


How much does a camping shower cost?

That depends on the model. But the most affordable camping showers on the market cost no more than a simple mess kit.

On the other hand, you can find some very expensive yet sophisticated models that are worth a couple of hundred bucks.

How long does a camping shower last?

Not very long! Even models with larger tank capacities may only last a few minutes.

A good rule of thumb is that you can likely expect 1 gallon per minute flow rate.

How long does it take to heat up a solar shower?

If the weather is nice and hot, it will take a few hours to get it to piping hot temperature.

Exactly how long it takes depends on the capacity as well as the overall outdoor temperature.

What Leave No Trace principles apply to camp showers?

Never shower closer than 200 feet from any water source.

Even though you might be using biodegradable soap, the bathwater you leave behind could pollute any water source it gets in contact with.

Are portable showers worth it?

If you’re camping for longer than a day in a place without showering facilities, then they’re definitely worth it.

After a long day of outdoor activities, a camp shower allows you to refresh and get cleaned from dirt and dust.

How do you shower when camping for free?

When camping in remote areas, make sure the products you use are safe for the environment and don’t have strong smells that will attract wildlife.

Make sure you’re at least 200 feet away from any water source and be conservative with water.

What can I use instead of a shower?

If you don’t have a shower, there are other methods you can use to clean your body when out in the wilderness.

They include using baby wipes and dry shampoo, as well as using a sponge bath and wet washcloth.

To Sum Things Up

There are many great models on the market, but NEMO Helio Pressure Shower really stands out.

It’s compact and lightweight but has a decent capacity and excellent water flow. It’s also easy to refill and features a long hose which makes showering easy.

Next Up: Pair your portable camp shower with a shower tent!

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