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What Fuel Does Jetboil Use? (Fuel Breakdown & Compatible Alternatives)

What Fuel Does Jetboil Use

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Jetboil, one of the main fuel and stove brands in the outdoors world, is a great option for your next camping trip.

Like many other outdoor brands, Jetboil creates both stove equipment and fuel canisters.

Of course, Jetboil would like you to use their fuel, but the fact is that any fuel canister with an EN417 valve and a mixture of isobutane and propane will work with Jetboil stoves.

In this article, we’ll discuss what type of fuel Jetboil stoves use, and the best ways to use them.

What Fuel Options Can Jetboil Use?

What Fuel Options Can Jetboil Use?

Jetboil stoves use a mixture of isobutane and propane liquid fuel to operate and create heat since they are the most efficient fuel types.

Isobutane has a low vapor pressure, meaning it will move through the pipes and fuels the stove with a high concentration.

In short, this mixture is the most efficient way to power your stove.

Both isobutane and propane work efficiently in temperate to cool environments.

However, propane is especially efficient in colder weather. So, this mixture will operate well on cold weather campouts.

Where Can I Find Jetboil Fuel?

Where Can I Find Jetboil Fuel?

You can find Jetboil-specific fuel in most outdoor retail stores from REI to Dick’s Sporting Goods.

You can also order it online from Amazon or from outdoor retailers’ online stores.

However, there are some transportation limitations for these kinds of products.

It can’t be transported in non-pressurized plane compartments without risk of explosion.

Therefore, keep in mind that this may add some transportation delays if ordering online.

Compatible Alternative Brands

Compatible Alternative Brands

While the brand specifically recommends customers use the brand’s fuel, there are other brands of fuel that have similar chemical makeups and are suitable for use with the stove.

An important aspect of compatibility is using a brand that has the same valve type: the EN417 valve.

According to the Jetboil website, compatible fuel brands include:

  • Brunton
  • Gigapower
  • MSR
  • Primus
  • Snowpeak

These fuels have the same fuel and valve makeup compatible with the brand’s stove.

Does Jetboil Fuel Work With Other Camping Stoves?

Other Camping Stoves

Jetboil (like other brands) recommends that customers use the brand-name fuel with a Jetboil stove for the safest and most efficient use.

However, it’s possible to use this fuel with other camping stoves, as long as the fuel and valves are compatible with the stove in question and use an EN417 valve.

Compatible stove brands and models include the MSR PocketRocket, Soto Amicus Stove, MSR Reactor, and the MSR Whisperlite.


Can I Use Other Types Of Fuel With My Jetboil Stove?

Yes, as long as the fuel has an EN417 valve, the fuel type should work with the Jetboil stove.

According to the Jetboil website, these brands include Brunton, Gigapower, MSR, Primus, and Snowpeak.

What Fuel Canisters Are Compatible With Jetboil?

Any fuel canister with an EN417 valve can be used with a Jetboil stove.

What Do I Do If I Can’t Find Jetboil Fuel?

Don’t stress! As long as the fuel canisters have the correct type of valve, other types of fuel (listed above) should work just fine with your stove.

How Should I Dispose Of Empty Canisters?

Because Jetboil fuel canisters are filled with gas, it’s important to dispose of them carefully. You should always follow brand or manufacturer’s instructions for disposal.

Before you dispose of the isobutane canister, make sure the container is completely empty.

You do this by “venting” the canister, or leaving the container open for the gas to escape.

Once you’re sure that the container is empty, push a hole in the wall of the container.

You can use a screwdriver for this step.

After you have punched the wall in the side of the container, you can safely recycle the containers with participating services.

How Long Will Jetboil Fuel Last?

A small 3.53 oz container of Jetboil fuel will last anywhere between 30-40 minutes of continuous burn time.

A medium 8 oz container of Jetboil fuel will last anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours.

And a large 16 oz container of Jetboil fuel will last 3 or more hours. 

Can You Use Coleman Fuel For Jetboil?

Yes, as long as the Coleman fuel canister has the correct type of valve compatible with the stove.

Does Walmart Sell Jetboil Fuel?

Yes! Walmart sells it in both their physical locations and online.

Final Thoughts

The next time you’re in the market for a new stove – or new fuel canisters – keep Jetboil in mind!

While the Jetboil brand only officially recommends using Jetboil fuel canisters with their stoves, it’s possible to use other brands with compatible fuel makeups and canister valves.

Check out the sections above to see which canisters and stoves are compatible with Jetboil products.

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