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The 9 Best Couples Sleeping Bags to Stay Cozy Up Together

The North Face Dolomite One Duo Sleeping Bag
Canway Double Sleeping Bag
REI Co-op Siesta Hooded 20 Sleeping Bag
  • Temperature rated to 15°

  • 3 in 1 product with multi-layers

  • Interior pockets

  • Excellent low-budget pick!

  • Nice flanel/cotton liner

  • 42° temperature rating

  • Temperature rated to 20°

  • Dual 2-way Zippers

  • Quill Construction

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Ready to take your significant other camping?

There’s one thing to keep in mind – there’s nothing romantic about sleeping in two separate sleeping bags.

And there’s really no need for that when there are some pretty good sleeping bags for couples you can find out there.

So let’s get to it, here are the best sleeping bags for couples on the market today:

Best Couples Sleeping Bags

Best Premium Sleeping Bags for Couples:

Best Budget Sleeping Bags for Couples:

The North Face Dolomite One Duo Sleeping Bag

The North Face Dolomite One Duo Sleeping Bag

Insulation Type: Synthetic | Temperature Rating (F): 15 degrees | Weight (lbs): 8.8 | Shell: 50D Polyester taffeta | Fill: Recycled polyester | Fits Up To (in.): 72

This sleeping bag deserves the highest spot on this list for many reasons. The first one is the fact that it’s basically a 3-in-1 product.

This duo sleeping bag has two layers of lofty synthetic insulation. The inner yellow layer is designed to keep you warm when temperatures drop to 30 degrees at night.

The outer blue layer can be used alone during warm summer nights with temperatures around 50 degrees.

And then, for those really cool nights, you can use both layers and be comfortable down to 15 degrees.

The layers also feature wraparound zippers that allow you to open them completely and lay them flat when needed.

As for the sleeping bag itself, the top section of the interior features a soft liner that adds extra warmth and comfiness.

Each layer features an interior pocket where you can store your phone, flashlight or anything else you need close at hand.

Finally, it’s worth noting that a good portion of this sleeping bag’s fill is made with recycled materials. That’s a good step towards more sustainable camping gear.


  • Two layers you can use individually or combined
  • Wraparound zippers allow you to lay the sleeping bag flat
  • The soft liner adds warmth and coziness
  • Interior pockets allow you to have important things close at hand


  • Somewhat expensive

Best for: camping in different weather conditions.

Check Price at REI

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REI Co-op Siesta Hooded 20 Sleeping Bag

REI Siesta Double Sleeping Bag

Insulation Type: Synthetic | Temperature Rating (F): 20 degrees | Weight (lbs): 6.5 | Shell: Recycled polyester | Fill: 120 g polyester fibers | Fits Up To (in.): 78

REI always does a great job at making great sleeping bags, and this product is no different. It’s comfy, spacious, durable and practical. What more can you want?

This sleeping bag has a 20 temperature rating, thanks to the warm polyester fill. The quill construction assures the fill doesn’t move around and creates cold spots from your tossing and turning at night.

Dual 2-way zippers offer quite a bit of versatility when it comes to using this sleeping bag.

You can unzip the foot box completely or separate the top and bottom to use the sleeping bag as a quilt.

Around the top, the sleeping bag features a 2-sided muffler with an adjustable cinch to keep the cold air out.

There’s enough room in the isolated hood to fit two pillows and keep them in place.

A nice detail is a toggle and loop closing on the hood that allows you to separate the bag into individual sections for you and your partner for additional warmth.


  • Toggle and loop allow you to separate the sleeping bag into 2 sections
  • Dual 2-way zippers provide different ways to ventilate
  • The quilt construction prevents cold spots
  • The 20 temperature rating makes this sleeping bag suitable for most of the year


  • Not the most affordable pick on the list

Best for: partners that don’t cuddle while sleeping.

Check Price On REI

Big Agnes Dream Island 35 Double Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes Dream Island 35 Double Sleeping Bag

Insulation Type: Synthetic | Temperature Rating (F): 35 degrees | Weight (lbs): 6.2 | Shell: Ripstop nylon | Fill: FireLine Max Synthetic | Fits Up To (in.): 78

Big Agnes always goes above and beyond to make your camping trip comfortable. And when you’re camping with your loved one, that’s especially important.

This sleeping bag features a Pad Cinch System with an adjustable drawstring.

This allows you to connect the bag to your pad so that it doesn’t slide around when you’re tossing and turning at night.

Of course, in the case of this sleeping bag, that means two pads, for you and your hubby.

With a temperature rating of 35 degrees, this sleeping bag is suitable for most of the year.

The insulated tube along the upper hood opening prevents cold air from getting inside the bag while you’re sleeping.

And thanks to the integrated Pillow Barn, you can keep your pillows in place, regardless of how much you’re moving around while sleeping.

Plus, there are the interior fabric loops that keep the liner in place.


  • The Pad Cinch System allows you to attach the sleeping pad to prevent it from sliding
  • Hand-tuck pockets at the top of the bag for keeping your hands warm
  • Cinching the insulated tube along the hood seals out drafts
  • Weighs only 6 pounds, making it great for backpacking couples


  • A 35-degree rating is not suitable for cold weather

Best for: a comfy good night’s sleep

Check Price On REI

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Klymit KSB Double Sleeping Bag

Klymit KSB Best Sleeping Bag for Couples

Insulation Type: Down and synthetic | Temperature Rating (F): 30 degrees | Weight (lbs): 9.2 | Shell: Polyester | Fill: 650 Fill-Power down, synthetic | Fits Up To (in.): 72

If you spend a good portion of your free time camping, then it’s definitely worth investing in a good double sleeping bag that will keep you and your hubby warm in different weather conditions.

This sleeping bag has a blended fill. It uses synthetic on the bottom, which keeps insulating even if your tent bottom gets wet.

The top part is filled with 650-fill down, so it’s extremely cozy and warm.

Thanks to the pad sleeve on the underside, you can keep the sleeping bag in place while sleeping.

Since it features individual draft covers, both you and your partner can set it up in your own preferred way.

So if you’re cold, and your partner is hot, there’s no need to settle for the middle ground.

Additionally, the sleeping bag features a hood snap that eliminates the draft between you two.

What’s more, you can both have a personal hood if you prefer it that way. Finally, you can remove the bag top to have a full-size comforter.


  • The fill blend makes this sleeping bag suitable for different weather conditions
  • The hood snap allows you to eliminate the draft between two sleepers
  • The pad sleeve keeps two regular sleeping pads in place
  • Individual draft covers allow you to cool down without affecting your partner


  • Somewhat expensive compared to most models on the list

Best for: partners with different sleeping preferences

Buy Direct from Klymit

Check Price on Amazon

TETON Sports – Fahrenheit Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag

Temperature Rating (F): 20 degrees | Sizes: Regular, Wide | Weight (lbs): 15 to 16.5 lbs | Shell: Taffeta | Insulation Type: SuperLoft Elite Hollow Fiber | Fits Up To (in.): 94

The TETON Sports Fahrenheit Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag is a homey choice for couples and families. It’s larger than a queen size mattress and unzips on three sides for easy access.

It’s larger than a queen size mattress and unzips on three sides for easy access.

This sleeping bag was constructed with double layers and SuperLoft Elite fiberfill to keep you cozy. Not to mention, there is a cotton flannel lining that is soft and comfortable on your body. This sleeping bag is sort of like layering your clothes…it provides form and function while still being pleasant to wear.


  • You can comfortably sleep more than one person since this double sleeping bag is more spacious than a queen size mattress.
  • There is a soft, cotton flannel lining in this sleeping bag that provides comfort and heat.
  • The top cover of this sleeping bag is removable, so you can enjoy using it even in warmer months.
  • This sleeping bag zips up on the sides and across the top for easy access. Your +1 won’t wake you up if they have to get up and use the bathroom in the middle of the night.
  • Double-layer construction and SuperLoft Elite fiberfill shelters you against low temperatures.
  • Works well all the way down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • The compression carrying bag might be too small, so be patient when packing it up.
  • The bag can’t be run through the laundry and must be hand-washed due to its flannel.

Best for: couples or families who want to snuggle up in a big, flannel sleeping bag together.

Check Price On Amazon

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Stoic Groundwork Double Sleeping Bag

Stoic Groundwork Best Sleeping Bag for Couples

Insulation Type: Synthetic | Temperature Rating (F): 20 degrees | Weight (lbs): 6 | Shell: 20D Mini Ripstop Nylon | Fill: Synthetic fiber | Fits Up To (in.): 76

Sometimes, certain pieces of camping gear can be quite overpriced. Well, that’s definitely not the case with this sleeping bag.

In fact, in terms of getting your money’s worth, this is probably the best option out there.

This sleeping bag is everything you need for a casual camping trip. It has a temperature rating of 20 degrees, so it’s suitable for all weather.

It’s made of 20D mini ripstop nylon, which is water-repellent, durable and lightweight.

As for the insulation, it’s made of synthetic fibers that keep their insulating ability even when wet.

It also dries down pretty fast, allowing you to continue using the sleeping bag in no time.

Of course, this double sleeping can be unzipped all the way to create two separate bags.

Therefore, there’s no need to buy separate single sleeping bags for when you or your partner are venturing out alone.


  • With a temperature rating of 20 degrees, this bag is suitable for year-round use
  • Four beautiful color combinations to choose from
  • Synthetic insulation retains warmth even if it gets wet
  • Made of very durable, lightweight and water-repellent material


  • The zippers become fragile after a prolonged use

Best for: long-term camping

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Check Price on Amazon

SereneLife Double Sleeping Bag

SereneLife Best Sleeping Bag for Couples

Insulation Type: Cotton | Temperature Rating (F): 32 degrees | Weight (lbs): 6.28 | Shell: 210T Polyester | Fill: Cotton | Fits Up To (in.): 78

To be lightweight, durable and waterproof, most sleeping bags have to make the cut when it comes to the softness of the material.

To make them more comfortable, you need to use liners. Well, that’s not the case with this double sleeping bag by SereneLife.

The outer shell uses 210t polyester fabric, which assures you stay dry and warm in different weather conditions.

The inside is lined with cotton pongee, which is extremely soft on your skin. It’s also hypoallergenic, making it a suitable choice for everyone.

Like most sleeping bags for couples, this one can also be unzipped all the way into two separate bags.

This makes it a more versatile option for camping. The zippers are anti-snag, so there’s no way you can accidentally damage the bag with them.

What’s also great about this sleeping bag is that it comes with two travel-sized pillows. That means you don’t have to buy them separately.

For the price this sleeping bag sells, that’s quite a steal.


  • The cotton pongee liner is soft and hypoallergenic, so it’s very skin-friendly
  • Come in four different patterned options
  • Comes with two travel-sized pillows
  • Suitable for temperatures above 32 degrees


  • The pillows aren’t very comfortable

Best for: campers with sensitive skin

Check Price On Amazon

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Besteam Double Sleeping Bag

Insulation Type: Synthetic | Temperature Rating (F): 35 degrees | Weight (lbs): 6.6 | Shell: Polyester | Fill: 300GMS 3D fiber fill | Fits Up To (in.): 78

With sleeping bags, you generally need to choose between waterproofness and breathability.

But this sleeping bag by Besteam provides an excellent balance of both features.

The outer layer is made of camping-grade polyester, which makes it waterproof and durable.

The inner layer, on the other hand, is made of cotton flannel, which is super soft and breathable.

Finally, thanks to the synthetic fill, this sleeping bag is able to keep you warm in cold weather.

The comfort temperature rating for this sleeping bag is 40 degrees, so it’s suitable for warmer weather.

To make it work in colder, you should bring additional blankets to make sleeping more enjoyable.

The sleeping bag comes with two pillows included, so you don’t have to bring your own.

They’re travel-sized and provide generous support to your head and neck while sleeping.

What I especially like about this sleeping bag is that it’s machine washable. In the case of extremely stubborn stains, you can wash it on a regular cycle to get rid of the dirt.

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  • The cotton flannel inner layer makes the bag breathable
  • Comes with two travel-sized pillows
  • A limited lifetime warranty that covers products against defects in materials or workmanship
  • Lots of space to move inside the sleeping bag


  • Not ideal for warm weather

Best for: camping during spring and autumn

Check Price On Amazon

Canway Double Sleeping Bag

CANWAY Double Sleeping Bag w/ Cotton Liner

Insulation Type: Cotton | Temperature Rating (F): 42 degrees | Weight (lbs): 6.6 | Shell: 210T Polyester | Fill: M2 3D Cotton | Fits Up To (in.): 72

The weather doesn’t have to destroy your camping trip. You just need gear that can withstand different weather elements.

When it comes to a sleeping bag, that means having one that’s actually waterproof, like this model by Canway.

Made of 210T polyester shell, this sleeping bag is not only waterproof, but also light and durable. The fill is made of cotton, which makes it soft and breathable.

With a temperature rating of 42 degrees, this sleeping bag is suitable for camping from late spring to early autumn.

The top and bottom parts are detachable, so you can turn it into two separate sleeping bags when needed.

Whichever way you end up using it, there’s plenty of space to turn around at night.

You also get two small pillows that are light and easy to pack, so they won’t take up much space.

What’s great about this sleeping bag’s stuff sack is that is highly compressible, making it easy to store it anywhere.

And thanks to the two adjustable straps, you can hang it on your backpack to have your hands free. You can check out our video review of the Canway Double Sleeping Bag here:


  • The waterproof outer shell makes this bag suitable for different weather conditions
  • It packs compactly into a compression sack for easy carrying
  • Can be washed in a washing machine on a gentle cycle
  • Comes in four color options


  • Not suitable for cold weather

Best for: camping during rainy weather

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Double Sleeping Bag Factors To Consider

Before you pick your sleeping bag for couples, there are some things to pay attention to:


Double Sleeping Bag Insulation
The Canway Double Sleeping Bag with a Flannel Liner

Most sleeping bags use either down or synthetic for insulation, although there are models that combine both.

We’ll get more into details about each of these types of insulation in the next section.

You might also see certain models with a natural filling, such as cotton. While cotton is not the best option in terms of warmth, it’s hypoallergenic and easy to care for.

In case you’re casually camping in warmer weather, then you can definitely get by using this type of fill.

Temperature Rating

Temperature Rating as Stated on The Sleeping Bag
Temperature Rating as Stated on The Sleeping Bag

As you probably know, every sleeping bag features a temperature rating expressed in degrees.

The numbers indicated usually refer to the comfort level and not the lowest possible temperature that the sleeping bag will keep you warm.

For that reason, you want to add at least 10 degrees to the manufacturer’s rating.

So for instance, if a sleeping bag’s rating is 30 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s best to use it in temperatures no lower than 40 degrees.

Of course, everyone is different, so find out what works best for you. But this is just a rough estimate of what works best.


Your sleeping bag shouldn’t just be warm, but comfortable as well. This generally means how gentle the fabric is on your skin, and how fluffy and cozy the fill is.

It’s no secret that down fill is the best option in terms of comfort, but you can find synthetic ones that come pretty close as well.

Pay attention to the baffle design, as it prevents the creation of cold spots when you’re moving inside the sleeping bag.

Look for a product with draft tubes as well, because they assure the cold air remains outside of the bag.


Compare a Double to a Single Sleeping Bag
Compare a Double to a Single Sleeping Bag (Double on Left vs. Single on Right)

Your sleeping bag shouldn’t take up too much storage space.

Look for models that are easily compressible and can pack down small.

Generally, down sleeping bags are best known for this ability, but you can find tons of synthetic models that do the same as well.

Aslo Read: How To Fold A Sleeping Bag


Of course, you don’t want to be weighed down much by the sleeping bag.

The point of a double sleeping bag, aside from the fact that you can cuddle with your partner, is to save up on weight and space versus using two sleeping bags.

Since most double sleeping bags can be unzipped all the way and used as separate bags, the main reason why you should opt for double instead of two single ones is to save up on weight.


With sleeping bags, it’s not always that you get what you pay for.

There are certain models on this list that offer tons of features at a fairly affordable price, making them quite a steal.

But of course, higher price tags usually mean more high-quality features. Ultimately, it depends on what you need for your camping trip.

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Fill Material: Down, Synthetic, or Blend?

The question old as time. Which type of fill material is better? Well, let’s discuss each of them first.

Down Sleeping Bags

Down sleeping bags piled in a factory
Down sleeping bags piled in a factory

Down is known for having a great warmth-to-weight ratio. This makes it a great option for backpacking trips, as a down sleeping bag is light, comfy and packs down compactly.

Of course, these features aren’t for free. Down sleeping bags usually cost much more than the synthetic alternative.

Furthermore, down loses insulating abilities when wet.

So if you’re camping in damp conditions, this is not the best option for you. Simply, it won’t do anything until it’s dry – and that takes longer as well.

Synthetic Bags

Synthetic sleeping bags are designed to make camping more approachable to everyone.

They’re the overall good option, as they’re relatively affordable, light, warm and easily packable.

Of course, they can’t compare with down in these categories. But where synthetic bags shine is wet weather.

Even if you get it damp, a synthetic sleeping bag will retain its insulating ability.

Plus, it dries rather quickly, so it will be dry the next time you go to sleep.


Blends are still not that common, but we can safely predict they’re the new best fill option.

By adding a bit of both, you really get the best of both worlds. By this, I mean you get a sleeping bag that’s light and warm, but can also be resistant to dampness.

Care And Maintenance

We store our sleeping bags in a bin, after airing them out
We store our sleeping bags in a bin, after airing them out

The only way you can enjoy your double sleeping bag for years is if you take proper care of it.

Here are some tips you should implement in your maintenance routine.

Make sure they’re clean

Never store your sleeping bag while dirty. When you take it out next time you plan on camping, those stains will be impossible to remove.

Not to say you might also end up with mold or mildew on it.

Read: How To Wash A Sleeping Bag

Consider using a sleeping bag liner

It’s much easier to wash the liners than the entire sleeping bag. Plus, the liners create an additional layer of warmth inside the bag.

Fluff your bag

If your bag has been packed for a long time, you’ll have to restore its loft. The best and simplest way to do that is to give it a good shake after being unpacked.

Store it unstuffed and inside out

You don’t actually want to keep your sleeping bag stored in a sack until the next camping trip.

Not just because of the loft, but because any smells might get trapped inside.

Wash a down bag by hand

While possible, it’s best to avoid washing a down sleeping bag in a washing machine, because it can easily damage it.

When washing by hand, make sure to use soaps specifically designed for down sleeping bags.

Air-dry your sleeping bag away from direct sunlight

The UV light can cause the material to degrade at a much faster rate. So if possible, always let your sleeping bag air dry in a shady spot.


Should I get a single or double sleeping bag?

This depends on how you prefer sleeping.

A double sleeping bag allows you to cuddle with your partner.

What’s more, many models can be fully unzipped and used as separate bags if desired.

Is a three-season sleeping bag warm enough in the winter?

A three-season sleeping bag should have a temperature rating of around 20 degrees.

This means that it’s comfortable to sleep in when outside temperatures are around 30 degrees.

If the winter in your area is colder than that, you’ll need a four-season sleeping bag.

Can I zip two sleeping bags together?

Most rectangular sleeping bags can be zipped together, as long as they have the same type of zipper and are of the same size and style.

Is a 30 degree sleeping bag warm enough?

A sleeping bag with this temperature rating should be enough to keep you warm in temperatures that are above 40 degrees.

To Sum It Up

Today, you can find some amazing double sleeping bags on the market. But the one that we love the most out is definitely the North Face Dolomite One Duo Sleeping Bag.

It’s comfortable, lightweight, and quite durable. And since it features two layers, you can set it up according to the weather you’re experiencing.

That way, you’re never too hot or cold!

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