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EcoFlow Wave Portable Air Conditioner Review: ‘Cools Quickly!’

EcoFlow Wave Portable Tent Air Conditioner (Review)

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This is our review of the EcoFlow Wave Portable Air Conditioner + Add-On Battery.

The best part about summer camping is the time away from work and the amazing mental health benefits from spending time outside and with friends and family.

But let’s face it. During the summer it can get really hot day or night and the last thing you want to do is sweat your butt off in your tent or RV.

Enter the EcoFlow Wave Portable Air Conditioner. Released in May of 2022, this is a premium, state-of-the-art tent air conditioner.

From the easy-to-use EcoFlow App to the amazing WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities of the unit itself, you’ll be cooled down in no time.

EcoFlow Wave Portable Air Conditioner Review

EcoFlow Wave Portable Air Conditioner + Add-On Battery

Cools Up To (Sq Ft): 150 sq ft | BTUs: 4000 | Sound Level: <55 dB | Weight: 38.8 lbs (Battery Additional 17.4 lbs) | Dimensions: 12.2 x 16.38 x 20.39 in | Power Source: Corded electric, 1008Wh Add On Battery, Solar Adaptable



  Comfort Settings & Noise Levels


  Quality & Durability






  Ease of Use




EcoFlow Wave – Key Features And Materials

This amazing piece of craftsmanship is not only slightly lighter than most other units at 38.8 lbs, but comes with all the stops – wifi remote control EcoFlow app, bluetooth, and an add-on battery pack that provides 3 hours of cooling that can be extended to 8 hours in a timed alternating fan/cooling eco mode.

Though it is rated at only 4000 BTUs, it packs a cool punch, and can easily cool down medium sized tents and RVs. We thoroughly tested this in one of our quick-pick instant tents and on an 88 degree day we had the ambient temperature down to 69 degrees inside of the tent.

The add-on battery pack can also be charged by solar power, making this the most versatile portable air conditioner on the market.

The best part of this unit though, might be its water evaporation tech. Excess water sprays on the condenser, and doesn’t require drainage if humidity is less than 70%.

The EcoFlow app itself was also a pleasant surprise. We were able to add the unit simply by turning on Bluetooth and easily control the temperature and fans. In fact, the app made using the EcoFlow Wave even faster and more efficient than using the unit itself.

The add-on battery has a 1008Wh capacity, giving you 3 hours of full cooling or 8 hours of timed mode mixing cooling and fan. It is also completely detachable and chargeable by solar, AC, or DC power.

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EcoFlow Wave Pros and Cons

EcoFlow Wave Cooling a Tent from Outside
EcoFlow Wave Cooling a Tent from Outside

We found that while the EcoFlow Wave is an expensive piece of equipment, it is well worth it if you are going to be doing a lot of traveling in the summer heat.

When we tested the unit, it was 88 degrees in Phoenix, Arizona. Our tent easily cooled down to 69 degrees without any issues.

If you want the most portable and easiest-to-use product, the EcoFlow Wave + Add On Battery is the best choice for you.


  • WiFi and Bluetooth enabled
  • EcoFlow App is extremely user friendly and easy to use
  • 4000 BTUs that can easily cool a medium sized tent
  • Corded electric, Battery, or Solar Powered Charging
  • No maintenance required
  • Lightweight at 38.8 lbs compared to other tent air conditioners
  • Powerful 1008Wh Add On Battery


  • Expensive compared to other tent air conditioners

Best Uses

  • RVers and those who want a premium product with superb performance and tech.
  • Campers who will be camping in the heat and need a solution, so they aren’t sweating all night long
  • Emergency use in power outages in hot climates (see California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, etc.)
  • Glampers who want to keep their canvas tent, nice and cool

Buy Direct from EcoFlow

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EcoFlow Wave In-Depth Review

We rated the EcoFlow Wave Portable Air Conditioner across seven key categories:

  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Quality & Durability
  • Value
  • Ease of Use
  • Portability

Overall Score

All of the above metrics are factored into our algorithm to create an Overall Score.

The EcoFlow Wave had great ratings across all of the categories, and came in with a 9.1 overall rating.



  Comfort Settings & Noise Levels


  Quality & Durability






  Ease of Use





EcoFlow Wave Cooling a Tent from Outside

We are rating overall performance of the unit, and in the case of the EcoFlow Wave it performed extremely well.

Again, we tested the unit in the 88 degree heat of Phoenix, Arizona, and were able to achieve an ambient temperature of 69 degrees!

Not only that, but we didn’t drain the battery nearly as fast as EcoFlow discloses.

Using a higher temperature and a lower fan setting, we were able to continuously get more than 3 hours of air conditioning.

We found the airflow to be quite adequate, no matter if the unit was inside or outside of the tent..

We gave the EcoFlow Wave a 10 out of 10 rating on Performance overall. 

Comfort and Noise Levels

Another obvious concern with any electronic device is going to be the noise levels.

Though this unit is rated for <55 decibles (db), we wanted to see if that was truly the case.

We confirmed that the unit does run under 55 dB. It is good white noise, but overall not too loud. Still, a whisper comes in around 30 dB, and a refrigerator is usually around 40 dB.

So 55 dB is still a bit louder than normal white noise. I’d bring some ear plugs just in case.

We gave the EcoFlow Wave a 9 out of 10 rating on Comfort & Noise Levels overall. 

Quality and Durability

The EcoFlow Wave is an excellent, high-quality product.

Right from the moment it arrived, we were impressed with the technology, the dial LCD display and the finish of the unit.

It looks and feels more like a high-end computer than a tent air conditioner.

We really couldn’t be more impressed with the quality and durability of the unit.

This is the type of quality you should expend in a high end product.

We gave the EcoFlow Wave a 10 out of 10 rating on Quality and Durability overall. 


The best way to assess the value of any product is to compare with its competitors. The EcoFlow Wave stacks up well to the competition.

As you can see, this is the most expensive tent air conditioner on the market.

It also doesn’t have the same BTUs as some of the competition, but the overall value is pretty high in our opinion. The add-on battery was huge.

In our testing, we never ran out of nice cool air, even in 88 degree heat.

And on top of that, the EcoFlow app is user friendly and makes the unit easy to use.

We gave the EcoFlow Wave a 7 out of 10 rating on Value overall. 

Ease of Use

EcoFlow App connected to the EcoFlow Wave
EcoFlow Cooling, Fan, and Eco Modes + Easy Device Connection with WiFi or Bluetooth

Wow! This really couldn’t be an easier product to use.

Simply plug it in and turn it on. You can toggle through the two settings, (1) cooling or (2) fan, and achieve the right temperature and airflow for your needs.

On top of that, the EcoFlow App truly crushes it. We start using the unit without the app to get a feel for the console.

But as soon as we installed the app, we haven’t touched the unit itself other than to turn on/off. Truly a great user experience.

Beyond the simplicity of running the product, setting it up at the campsite was pretty easy.

We carried the unit over and set up outside of the tent.

We gave the EcoFlow Wave a 10 out of 10 rating on Ease of Use overall. 


Of course, portability is huge with any tent-related product. When you are reviewing the weights of a tent air conditioner, you think to yourself “oh 38.8 lbs is not that much.”

But then you have to lug it from the car to the tent. The battery also weighs 17.7 lbs, so I was able to cary both at the same time, but it was pretty heavy.

The battery can easily be removed from the unit for anyone who can’t life 50+ lbs to break it down.

So look, it wasn’t too hard to move this around, but it’s also not tiny either.

Overall though, this unit is smaller and lighter weight than the competition.

We gave the EcoFlow Wave an 8 out of 10 rating on Ease of Use overall. 

How to Use the EcoFlow Wave

EcoFlow Wave Cooling Tent from the Inside
EcoFlow Wave Cooling Tent from the Inside

You’d think that it is pretty simple to use a tent air conditioner right? Well it is…and it isn’t.

On one hand, you simply turn it on and you are good to go. But where exactly do you put the air conditioner?

You basically have three use case scenarios:

  1. Place it in an opening in the tent zipper with the cold end inside the tent and the hot side outside the tent
  2. Place outside the tent with the cold air vent directed into the tent
  3. Place inside the tent with the hot air vents directed outside of the tent

There are pros and cons to each.

We found that #1 is the hardest to do, because it simply takes up too much space and is impossible to get a tight seal around the zippers.

Placing outside the tent is the easiest way to cool down the tent, without having to mess around with the zippers too much (see above picture)

And finally placing the unit inside the tent…

We found that this setup cooled the tent down the fastest, but it also took up the most room and was harder to get a tight seal around the tent door zippers.

If you have a big enough tent, or a tent with two doors, then this is probably the best method for you.

Plus by keeping the unit inside the tent you won’t have to worry about dust, rain, or wind causing any damage to the unit.

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EcoFlow Wave FAQ:

How Easy Is It To Use a Tent Air Conditioner?

As long as you have some sort of power source (AC, DC, or Battery Power), using a tent air conditioner is very easy.

The hardest part is getting the exhaust hose properly out of the tent while keeping the zippers nice and tight.

Do tent air conditioners go inside or outside of the tent?

Tent air conditioners can go either inside or outside of the tent.

If the weather is good, you can setup outside and run the cooling inside the tent with the cold air vent.

If the weather is bad, you can setup inside the tent and run the exhaust hot air vents outside of the tent.

How good does the EcoFlow Wave cool?

With 4000 BTUs the EcoFlow Wave can cool a 2-person tent on a day in the high 80s to the 60s.

However, the bigger the space, the less effective it’ll be. Still it’ll work great for small 2 person tents, 4 person tents, and RVs.

It will still cool bigger tents too, but might not as evenly cool the space.

Is the EcoFlow Wave worth the money?

In our opinion, yes. It is a high-quality product that will last years.

Combined with the battery it is a car camper’s dream. You can easily cool your tent overnight using eco-mode to alternate fan and cooling.

Or you can supercharge your cooling on a hot afternoon by running the battery for 3 hours straight.

How long does the add-on battery last?

The battery last 3 hours of full cooling mode at high power, or up to 8 hours on eco-mode alternating cooling and fan.

If you simply need a fan, it can last even longer, up to 48 hours or more. The display will estimate battery remaining, making it easy to manage and use.

On top of the add-on battery, you can also combine it with EcoFlows DELTA Max or DELTA Pro, or any other 3rd party battery source to bring additional cooling power and time to the unit.

What kind of maintenance is needed for the EcoFlow Wave?

EcoFlow claims that no maintenance is required.

Our Verdict

If you are looking to cool down your tent during those hot summer camping months, look no further than the EcoFlow Wave Portable Air Conditioner.

With its 4000 BTUs and 150 square feet of cooling space, you’ll be able to camp in comfort.

Combine the EcoFlow Wave with the Add-on Battery pack, and you’ve got a system that doesn’t even require an AC or DC power source. So if you are looking for the ultimate sustainable camping air conditioner, this is the one.

But if you are looking for a less expensive unit, check out our full review of the best tent air conditioners on the market today.

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