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Who Makes Ozark Trail Tents?

Who Makes Ozark Trail Tents?

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In the last few years, Ozark Trail tents have become a fairly popular tent brand.

With large, multipurpose designs that house anywhere from 3 to 15+, these affordable tents are perfect for large family campouts.

But who makes Ozark Trail tents?

Ozark Trail is a private-label tent brand owned by Walmart.

We’ll go into more depth below, including some little-known facts about the history of the Ozark Trail brand!

Who Makes Ozark Trail Tents?

Parent Company & Manufacturing Partners

Ozark Trail is a private-label tent brand owned and operated by Walmart.

Most Ozark Trail tents are sold only at Walmart, though we have seen some Ozark Trail tents also being sold on Amazon or eBay.

The specific Ozark Trail manufacturers remain unlisted as a result of Walmart’s business practices.

Though, we do know that Ozark Trail tent materials are made in a variety of locations.

This includes manufacturers in the United States, as well as overseas manufacturers in Bangladesh, China, and Vietnam.

History Of Ozark Trail Tents

History Of Ozark Trail Tents

Walmart introduced the Ozark Trail brand in 1993 as an affordable and accessible outdoor tent brand.

The brand shares a name with the Ozark Trail that runs through 400 miles of the Ozark mountains in Missouri.

However, the brand does not state its correlation with the area.

This area is a beautiful space for outdoor adventures, so it’s no wonder that the brand uses a name inspired by this area.

Product Range

Product Range

The Ozark Trail brand has a wide range of tent products, which range from 1-person to 14-person tents.

Beyond tents, they also offer pop-up showers and privacy structures.

Ozark Trail sells both instant and traditional model tents. Instant tents come with pre-installed poles, so they are even easier to set up while you’re at the campsite.

Other, smaller models of this brand’s tents use more traditional designs which require you to insert poles to set up the tent structure.

While this design may take a little more time to set up, traditional tents are generally more mobile than their instant counterparts.

Design & Innovation

Design Varieties

Design Varieties

Within its extensive range of products, Ozark Trail also offers different tent designs.

Depending on the needs of your camping party, you can get a dome-, cabin-, or yurt-style tent.

Within their large cabin tent category, they offer 1-, 2-, 3-room options, and even 4-room tents – all in a variety of designs.

If Ozark Trail is good at anything, it is making the biggest and baddest tents around.

They currently have the biggest tent available in the market today with a 20-person tent!! 

Plus, many of their models have multiple entrances and windows throughout the structure.

Innovations & Features

Innovations & Features

The Ozark Trail brand incorporates innovative features throughout its tent inventory.

One of the main innovative features offered through the Ozark Trail brand is its “dark rest” style (we’ve reviewed the 6-Person Dark Rest Instant tent).

This is a blackout effect inside the tent for those who prefer to sleep in total darkness or don’t want to be woken up by the sun early in the morning.

Also, many of the tents have LED lighting, so you can light your tent up at night without having to deal with an extra lantern or flashlight.

Finally, many of the larger tent models have spaces for space heaters or electrical plugs.

Quality & Durability


Quality & Durability: Materials

Ozark trail tents are made from recycled polyester fabric. The product description lists this fabric as being durable and multi-use.

However, the fabric used in these tents is not treated to be completely waterproof.

So, you may need a rain fly and additional waterproofing materials, like a waterproofing spray and sealant.

These tent poles are primarily fiberglass, while the other hardware is stainless steel or aluminum.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Testing & Quality Assurance

Ozark Trail tent brand does not list its specific testing and quality assurance practices on the Walmart website.

Walmart works with its manufacturers to make sure quality testing is done to provide good products.

However, many individuals have reviewed the tent products and posted reviews. These are the best indicators of product quality.

Customer Feedback & Reviews

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

On both Walmart and Amazon, Ozark Trail tents have an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

These tents are an especially great option for families on a budget who plan to go camping in moderate conditions once or twice a year.

As follows, customers who fall into this description are very likely to give these tents a positive review.

Customers report being satisfied with the amount of space in the tents when compared to the overall cost, as well as the ease of set-up.

Finally, the larger Ozark Trail tent models are fairly lightweight for their size. This varies based on model and design, of course.

Common Complaints & Issues

Common Complaints & Issues

One of the main complaints that Ozark Trail tents get is that the material and design are not durable.

They don’t stand up well to frequent use or harsh weather conditions.

Because of this, customers have reported fabric tears and broken support beams during campouts.

Additionally, some customers report difficulties setting up the large models by themselves.

Because of the size of these tents, it’s definitely a benefit to have at least one other person help you set it up.

If you take these reviews into account, you may want to opt for a more expensive tent if you’re planning to camp often.


Where Can I Buy Ozark Trail Tents?

You can buy Ozark Trail tents through the online Walmart website, or in-store at a physical Walmart location.

You can also find Ozark Trail products online for purchase on Amazon, Ebay, Camping World, and other online stores.

Are Ozark Trail Tents Affordable?

Yes! The brand is known for being one of the more affordable brands currently on the market.

Depending on what you’re looking for and your specific budget, you’re likely to find an Ozark Trail tent that works for you and your family.

How Do I Choose The Right Ozark Trail Tent For My Needs?

If you’re looking for a larger tent that’ll be the star of a car camping family outing, an Ozark Trail tent will be great for you!

I recommend you browse through the selection on Walmart’s catalog to find one that works for you!

What Is The Warranty On Ozark Trail Tents? 

Yes, many Ozark Trail tents have a six-month warranty from the original date of purchase.

However, the specific length of warranty varies depending on the product in question.

Under this warranty, the supplier handles replacing any part of the tent that arrives broken.

They also supply missing parts when supplied with photo evidence and the original receipt.

Do Ozark Trail Tents Come With Set-Up Instructions?

Yes, all Ozark Trail tents will come with setup instructions including in their original packaging.

Final Thoughts

Ozark Trail tents are a great option if you’re looking for a large, multi-functional tent at an affordable price.

These tents are a great tool if you’re looking to get started in the outdoors, or if you find yourself only using tents occasionally.

If this sounds like you, I encourage you to take a look at the wide selection of Ozark Trail tents available online.

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