How Good Are Ozark Trail Tents? Reviews Inside

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In a hurry? Our favorite Ozark Trail Tent is the 12-Person, 3-Room Instant Cabin.

If you’ve been looking around at tents, you’ve probably stumbled upon Ozark Trail’s tents. You might be wondering, what is this brand, and is it one that I should pick up?

You’re in luck because I’ve taken the effort to research Ozark Trail’s tents and see what’s going on here.

In this article, I’ll give you my Ozark Trail tent reviews, as well as my final judgment on if this brand is worth your time.

For the sake of organization, I’ll review these tents from smallest to largest. Scroll down to see the larger tents, or keep reading for the smaller sizes. Let’s get started!

Ozark Trail 4-Person Triangle-Style Instant Tent

The first tent I’ll review today is the Ozark Trail 4-Person Triangle-Style Instant Tent. This basic tent is a straightforward option designed for small groups (2-3 people). It only fits one queen size air mattress, so keep that in mind.

What’s great about this one is that its instant tent design makes it easy to set up. There are no complicated steps or confusing curves that make this difficult. On top of that, it comes with pre-installed poles, meaning setup takes less than a minute. Wow!

I also like that for a small tent, there’s a ton of storage options. This is great for smaller tents that make you budget space.


  • The super-simple 30-second set up makes setting up this tent a cinch
  • Great storage pockets for a small tent, allowing you to make the most of your sleeping area
  • Excellent price tag considering the portability, instant-setup, and space
  • Fits one queen bed and still gives you room for your gear
  • Electrical cord flap (rare in this size tents)


  • No porch or vestibule, but does have a little “welcome mat” to wipe your feet on
  • Doesn’t come with a rainfly, so not the best choice for heavy rain

Best for: couples or small groups that want an easy-to-use, quick-pitch tent.

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Ozark Trail 10-Person, 3-Room Tent

Now we’re going to jump into the larger style. Ozark Trail makes tents of all sizes, but we’ve found the larger ones to be their forte.

This one is a whopping 20’ by 10’ and splits into three rooms. It fits three queen size air mattresses inside. You also might be able to squeeze in another twin-sized bed if you want to pack more people inside.

It’s also got a center height of 7” and has a T-style door on one side. I love this style of doors. Although they’re a little harder to use, they allow you to move bigger furniture in and out of the tent.

What I particularly like about this tent is that although it’s a large tent, it’s more of a dome-style construction. Most of the larger tents are cabin-style, meaning they have walls that are angled straight up.

Cabin-style provides more lateral space, sure, but dome-style tents are better against the wind. This tent is no exception. The rounded sides make this tent well suited to withstand strong winds.


  • Lots of windows and simple design make this very breathable
  • Comes with electrical cord outlet
  • Even though it’s not an instant style tent, it’s very easy to set up for its size
  • Provides a ton of space without the complications of rooms and hallways
  • Lightweight for a ten-person tent (22 lbs)


  • Zippers aren’t the best, there might be issues with wear and tear
  • Although breathable, this tent doesn’t hold heat very well (better for summer vs. winter)

Best for: larger groups that want the size of a cabin tent with the aerodynamics of a dome tent.

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Ozark Trail 11-Person, 3-Room Instant Cabin

If the previous tent isn’t your style, you might be itching for a cabin-style tent. Cabin-style tents provide more headspace and allow you and your gang to walk around more.

This 11-person instant-cabin is an excellent option for those who want a tent that’s less like a hallway and more like a big room. The main area is a 14’ square, giving you and the family room to enjoy each other’s company.

But, sometimes you want privacy, and this tent still offers great room options. The main room has a divider down the middle, and then there’s the pop-out room on the backside. This pop-out room is great to use as a kid’s play area, a gear storage “garage,” or just an adults-only sleeping room.

The design of this tent is a big square, and it only has one door, but I haven’t found this setup to be a problem. The front door is a massive T-style door, allowing you to move large gear (or people) in and out with ease.

Last but not least, this tent is roomy. It can fit 3 queen air mattresses easy but still sets up within minutes.


  • Instant-cabin style means this tent sets up in less than 2 minutes. That’s great for all this size.
  • Pop-out side rooms provide additional space without weighing you down too much
  • Excellent price for the amount of space & features you get with this tent
  • The front door is covered by a porch, which allows a nice area to sit and enjoy the sights & sounds
  • Like most Ozark Trail tents, comes with a port to run an electrical cord through


  • Directions are not that straightforward. Definitely set this one up in your backyard before trying it in the field.
  • There’s only one door, so not optimal if you expect lots of foot traffic.

Best for: Families that don’t need rooms or division, but still want a large tent that fits everyone.

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Ozark Trail 12-Person, 3-Room Instant Cabin

Now’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. My favorite Ozark Trail tent, the 12-person, 3-room Instant Cabin.

What makes this my favorite? Simple – it’s a feature-packed tent that provides all the benefits of a large tent while minimizing the negatives.

Let’s start with the design.

The interior forms an L-shape. When combined with the porch, the tent’s footprint is a square. This allows you to have a huge amount of tent space without taking up too much campground footage.

Onto the interior. You get 256 sq. ft. of space, all split into three distinct, equal-sized rooms, all of which can fit queen-sized airbeds.

The best part of this tent is that the three rooms make sense. It doesn’t feel like they just slapped some room dividers into the tent. Each room is its own distinct area.

You can easily use one room for sleeping, one as a “kitchen,” and one as the kid’s room. The possibilities are endless!

To put a bow on it, this tent is an instant cabin. That means the poles are pre-attached, and setup can be completed within minutes. The first time you set it up, you


  • Adjustable ground vents allow you to choose how much airflow you want. They’re also sized so that you can add a portable air conditioner to your tent.
  • Although priced as a premium tent, it still offers great value when compared to other 12-person tents.
  • Excellent rain protection thanks to factory sealed seams
  • The t-style door allows you to inflate your air mattress outside of the tent before bringing it in
  • Electrical port, removable fly, and 7 windows add up to make this our top pick


  • This is a heavy tent (61 lbs), so keep that in mind when planning your trip.
  • Despite all the space, there are only two doors, making the third room kind of isolated.

Best for: families that want an all-around quality tent with tons of space, rooms, and ventilation.

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Ozark Trail 14-Person, 4-Room Tent

The final tent I’ll review today is Ozark Trail’s largest – their 14-person, 4-room tent.

Overall, this tent is a monster. Take a look at the floorplan, it’s actually got five rooms if you count the center room. This tent is for groups or families that want to travel with the entire squad, but don’t want to have to sleep next to each other.

The four bedrooms allow you and your spouse to have privacy, while also allowing each kid to have their own room. You could even squeeze in a living room or kitchen. Crazy!

You might be wondering what’s it like to set up this tent. Since it’s so big, it’s gotta be difficult, right? Not so fast.

Setting up this tent is similar to the tent above. It’s not an instant tent, but it’s designed for a quick setup. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes, which is great for this size.

Like the 12-person, it also comes with a T-style door, so you can move gear and furniture without having to fangle it through a small, D-style door.

This tent is heavy (50 lbs), but for all of its size, it’s not that bad.

Of course, like every Ozark Trail tent, it comes with electrical ports so you can charge your phones at night.


  • Four rooms plus a center room mean you can have a bedroom, kitchen, living room, whatever you want!
  • Removable rainfly means all of your rooms can stargaze, or opt-in for rain protection
  • Each room has its own entrance, making night time bathroom breaks a quiet affair
  • Excellent price point considering it’s the size of four of five regular tents
  • Despite the massive size, this tent folds down relatively easily and packs up quickly


  • The color scheme is pretty ugly. This tent won’t be winning beauty contests anytime soon.
  • Despite having four rooms, there’s only one lantern hook in the center room. This makes it so it’s hard to have light in all rooms at night.

Best for: extra-large groups who need an extra-large tent, and aren’t scared to carry a castle to the campground.

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What To Look For In A Tent Brand

At this point, you can tell that Ozark Trail makes some high-grade tents.

But, maybe you’re wondering, what makes a great tent brand? In that case, here’s your answer.


When shopping for tents, the first thing to consider is size. How many people do you want to go camping with?

Certain brands are tailored towards certain camping styles, depending on how many people you want to bring. Although Ozark Trail offers tents in the two to five-person sizes, their bread & butter are the larger sizes. Make sure you find a tent brand that makes great tents in the size you want.

Then, make sure space is organized in a way you like. As you can see from the larger tents above, tents come in all different arrangements. Straight line, five rooms, L-shaped, the list goes on and on. Pick what kind of shape you want your tent in, and find a brand that offers it.

Easy Setup

A super important factor when considering tents is the setup.

I’ve found that in general, there are some brands that set up easily, and some don’t. I don’t know why, but I guess some companies hire PhDs to design up their tents and give us complicated instructions. We don’t want that!

Certain tent brands make easy setup a priority, and Ozark Trail is definitely one. Their instant tents set up within seconds, and even the regular models won’t give you headaches.

Weather Protection

Similar to easy setup, some tent brands are just flat out better at weather protection than others.

Tent brands usually make the same decisions across all their tents. They form the corners the same way and attach everything the same way, too. If they get it right with one tent, it’s likely all of their tents have great weather protection.

That’s why I like Ozark Trail – their tents provide strong weather protection across the board.

For example, many of their tents come with factory sealed seams. This allows you to have great water protection right out the door without having to seal the seams yourself.

Bang For The Buck

Of course, everyone’s favorite topic: money. The tent has to provide good bang for the buck. Meaning, you get every dollar’s worth out of what you buy.

There are some tent brands that charge an arm and a leg but provide a poor camping experience. On the other hand, there are more affordable tents that will go a long, long way for you.

I’ve found Ozark Trail to be in the latter group – a brand that you won’t be disappointed in buying.

If you’re still hungry for tent brand evaluations, this article’s got you covered.


My final verdict on Ozark Trail tents: they’re excellent. They might not provide a ton of warmth in the winter, and they’re not rated for hurricane-force rains, but they will give you a great camping experience.

On top of that, all of their tents are affordable, come with an electrical cord port, and set up in minutes.

Compared to competitors like Core and Coleman, Ozark Trail doesn’t have as solid weather protection. But, they make up for it in size (their tents are huge) and configuration options (did you see the five-room tent?). Ozark Trail is also a bit more affordable.

My personal favorite Ozark Trail tent is the 12-person, 3-room Instant Cabin. It provides a ton of space in an easy-to-carry package that sets up in minutes AND provides three rooms that give ample legroom.

In conclusion, Ozark Trail gets the Wilderness Times stamp of approval.