Best Sleeping Pad For Hammock Camping: Top 5 Reviewed

Best Hammock Sleeping Pad

If you’re in a rush, the best sleeping pad for hammock camping is the Klymit Hammock V Sleeping Pad.

A comfy sleeping bag is essential for a good night’s sleep, even if you’re sleeping in a hammock.

It might seem strange to add a sleeping pad to a hammock, but you’d be surprised how many people practice this. A sleeping pad will increase your comfort, help you stay in place, and even help you stay warm. Your back will thank you!

If you’re looking for a sleeping pad to improve your hammock camping from good to great, you have a lot of options. To make your shopping less stressful, I’ve reviewed the top five sleeping pads for hammock camping in 2019.

Best Sleeping Pad for Hammock Camping: Our Top Choices

ALPS Mountaineering – Foam Camping Mat

ALPS Mountaineering - Foam Camping Mat
The ALPS Mountaineering Foam Camping Mat is a top-notch sleeping pad for hammock camping. Constructed of super-lightweight foam, it comes with carrying straps that make it easy to roll up and move. It’s also small enough to be a reliable option for backpacking.

Not to mention, this foam camping mat is made with a unique closed-cell texture. This feature makes the pad slip-resistant so you won’t go sliding around in your sleep. Combined with how soft and bouncy it is, this pad is hands-down my favorite.


  • This foam camping mat is made from light, comfortable foam, so it is super lightweight and fantastic for backpacking.
  • The closed-cell texture keeps the mat from slipping and sliding around.
  • Packing is a breeze thanks to ALP’s easy-to-use straps.
  • This mat dries very quickly and that it doesn’t soak all the way through, so you’re safe from rain.
  • Even though it’s got a lower price, it provides superior support compared to other pads.


  • Not 100% water-resistant, so bring a groundsheet if you plan for wet ground.

Best for: hammock sleepers who toss and turn, but still want a lightweight pad.

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Klymit – Hammock V Sleeping Pad

Klymit - Hammock V Sleeping Pad
The Klymit Hammock V Sleeping Pad makes the top of my list because it was made specifically for hammocks. That means it fits better and sleeps sounder in a hammock than traditional sleeping pads.

You’ll find that this pad wraps you up like a cocoon, creating 180 degrees of insulation to keep you warm all night long. It also has nonslip technology and inflates very quickly, making it easy to pack, especially when backpacking.


  • This sleeping pad is optimized for hammocks, and it shows.
  • 180 degrees of insulation helps trap your body heat and keep you warm.
  • Specific no-slip areas keep this pad in place while sleeping, preventing you from rolling out.
  • As an inflatable pad, you save on a lot of weight.
  • Extremely fast & easy to inflate.
  • The materials are durable, rugged, and tear/puncture resistant.


  • This sleeping pad is on the higher end of the price range since it’s designed explicitly for hammocks.

Best for: cold-weather campers who want to save on weight but still have a solid sleeping pad.

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Big Agnes – Q Core SLX Ultralight Sleeping Pad

Big Agnes - Q Core SLX Ultralight Sleeping Pad
The Big Agnes Q Core SLX Ultralight Sleeping Pad is a durable and tear-resistant pad that’ll work for any sleeping environment. Its high insulation rating will keep you warm all night long.

Since it is made from lightweight material and is inflatable, it doesn’t take up much space when packing (great for backpacking). Not to mention, it is extra thick. This keeps you high off the ground for comfortable sleeping.


  • The lightweight materials and inflatable design save plenty of pack space.
  • The extra thick pad makes this comfortable for any sleeping position and keeps you off the ground.
  • Reliable WRM HL insulation (with a 32 rating) keep you warm even on winter nights.
  • Big Agnes’ lightweight nylon material is tear- and puncture-resistant.
  • The company’s warranty protects it from manufacturing and material defects (big bonus).


  • Because this pad is so large, it might take some time to inflate.
  • Due to its size and quality, this pad is a little more expensive than other pads.

Best for: sleepers who slide around and want a big, warm pad to wrap them up at night.

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Fox Outfitters – Ultralight Series Self Inflating Camp Pad

Fox Outfitters - Ultralight Series Self Inflating Camp Pad
The Fox Outfitters Ultralight Series Self Inflating Camp Pad is a foam pad for campers that expect to put their pad through a lot of stress. It’s self-inflating and super lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about a backpack that drags you down.

Besides being feather-light, this sleeping pad is made with a foam core that is strong as a rock, yet fluffy as a cloud. Not to mention, you can sleep in any kind of environment and stay warm with this sleeping pad.


  • This pad’s material is abrasion resistant, so it holds up to extended use across any kind of terrain.
  • As a self-rising pad, set-up is fast and easy.
  • The foam core is lightweight enough to make it an excellent option for backpacking.
  • With Ripstop fabric and open-cell foam, this sleeping pad is super comfortable.
  • The diamond foam pattern reduces force spreads out the overall weight across the pad.
  • Its open-cell foam provides prime insulation, keeping you warmer than an inflatable sleeping pad.
  • This sleeping pad costs less than other sleeping pads and can easily fit into any budget.


  • This pad might not stay inflated throughout a few nights.
  • Although lightweight, it’s rather bulky and can get in the way when packing.

Best for: campers who want a pad that’s easy to set up but hard to hurt.

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Outdoorsman Labs – Camping Sleeping Pad

Outdoorsman Labs - Camping Sleeping Pad
The Outdoorsman Labs Camping Sleeping Pad is a standard (tent) pad that works well for hammock camping. The most prominent benefit to this sleeping pad is how lightweight it is. At only 16 ounces, you won’t even be able to tell that you have this sleeping pad in your pack.

Besides how lightweight it is, this sleeping pad is also a great choice because it is durable and comfortable. The air cells conform to your body for a custom fit. The material used is very durable, so you can use it time and time again.


  • This sleeping pad is very lightweight (only 16 ounces) and perfect for backpacking and hammocks.
  • The air cells of this sleeping pad conform to the shape of your body when you lay down, giving you a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • The durable nylon material is abrasion-resistant and can withstand rugged use.
  • This sleeping pad is inflatable for easy packing and quick set up. It only takes a few breaths to be fully inflated.
  • This sleeping pad comes at a very affordable price that will be at the lower end of any budget.


  • Because it’s so lightweight, this pad is not that thick. It won’t provide the same cloud experience that other pads will.

Best for: campers who prioritize weight and price above all else.

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Why You Need a Sleeping Pad When Camping

Some campers have tried camping without sleeping pads, but it can result in an uncomfortable experience and a bad night’s sleep. While you can have luck camping with just a sleeping bag or a tent cot, you’d be better off investing in a sleeping pad for multiple reasons.


The first thing a sleeping pad can do for you is to provide comfort.

Your sleeping pad is the first layer between you and the ground. It adds extra cushion to your sleeping area and raises you higher off the ground. This makes sleeping more comfortable and will help you not feel like you are sleeping flat on the ground.

This is especially helpful when you’re on rough terrains, like a rocky canyon or dusty hill. You don’t want to wake up with stones all in your sleeping bag.


Perhaps the most critical thing a sleeping pad can do for you is raising your temperature, especially if you’re hammock camping during the winter.

By adding another layer between yourself and the ground, you are adding another layer to keep out the winter freeze. After all, the more layers the cold has to seep through, the longer it will take to make you cold. There are also many sleeping pads available designed explicitly for insulation that help seal in body heat.

Why Camp in a Hammock Instead of a Tent?

When people think of camping, the first thing they usually think of is tent camping. While this is the traditional way to camp, it isn’t your only option!

In fact, there are several more straightforward ways to camp than with a tent. One of those is with a hammock. Here’s why you might want to consider hammock camping over tent camping.


Camping in a hammock takes up much less space than camping in a tent. For starters, you don’t have to pack all that bulky tent equipment when you use a hammock. No rainfly, tent poles, or tent stakes.

Just your hammock, a hammock tarp, and a sleeping bag.

In cold weather, you’ll also want to pack an underquilt to stay warm.

You also won’t have to worry about finding a site that’s large enough for a tent. All you have to do is string up your hammock and enjoy!


How many times have you camped in a tent and felt uncomfortable sleeping on the ground? This discomfort is a non-issue when you go hammock camping!

In a hammock, you are suspended several feet off the ground, so you won’t have to worry about hard surfaces bringing discomfort to your back.

Fresh Air

While most people consider camping as a way to get fresh air, there’s nothing like sleeping directly outdoors in a hammock.

In a tent, you are still secluded from the wilderness. While some people like this privacy, you still aren’t in the great outdoors. In a hammock, you are swinging right in the middle of it all!


Hammocks can be used for more than just camping.

You can hang your hammock up to use as a bed, tent, or chair while camping. But, you can also use it back home, too!

Hammocks are great for kicking back with a good book in your backyard or even in your local park. Whatever you do outdoors, your hammock will always be there!

Our Verdict

Camping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. In fact, it can be as comfortable as it is in your own bed at home. The first step to achieving this level of comfort is purchasing the best sleeping pad possible for your hammock.

I found the Klymit Hammock V Sleeping Pad to be the best sleeping pad for hammock camping. Not only was it tailored for hammock camping, but it’s also created with the user in mind.

It’s comfortable, nonslip, insulating, lightweight, and so much more. You can use this sleeping pad for backpacking, hiking, or even in your backyard. This sleeping pad has it all!