REI Kingdom 6 Review

rei kingdom 6 front

This is our review of the REI Kingdom 6 tent.

My friends know I love camping. Every once in a while, they want to tag along, and I love that. What I don’t love is setting up three tents consecutively, which often ends up being my job since I’m most experienced with that.

So I figured, getting a 6-person tent will make my job easier. I’ve done my research, and I’d like to share with you my thoughts on one tent that caught my eye – the REI Kingdom 6.

I found Kingdom 6 to be a great choice for group camping. It has everything you need: interior space, storage, durability, great ventilation, and weather protection. It’s a great option not only for camping experts, but first-timers too, since it’s easily set up within a 10-minute timeframe.

In this article, I’ll show you what I’ve learned about this tent from hours of researching. We’ll go over everything, from dimensions and material to every tiny feature that makes this tent stand out from the crowd.

Keep reading to find out what’s all the rave about the Kingdom 6.

REI Kingdom 6 Review – An In-Depth Analysis

It wasn’t until I bought my first A-shape two-person tent that I realized how claustrophobic I could be. I felt cramped the moment I got inside, but once my friend joined – boy was my heartbeat fast and my breath heavy. I ended up sleeping with my head out through the tent door. Not a pleasant experience.

Why am I telling you this?

Because if you’re anything like me, then you’ll love this tent. It’s a portable mini house that can actually fit six people, unlike most other tents with overestimated sleeping capacity. The Kingdom 6 is roomy, airy and well-made.

Before buying something, I spend hours or even days researching and weighing the pros and cons. I did the same with this tent, so I’ll save you some time and dive right into its main features.

Kingdom 6 Pros

Tall And Spacious

rei kingdom 6 indoor

The Kingdom 6 is a perfect example of a tent with optimally used space.

Remember those rainbow-shaped Quonset huts made for military purposes during WWII? Well, this tent is quite reminiscent. Tall, almost-vertical walls and rectangular floor allow you to use every inch of the space. That’s something that wasn’t possible with those old A-frame tents. If you’re under 6’2, you can stand up without touching the roof with your head.

This tent offers 83 square feet of floor area, which, according to the manufacturer, is enough for 6 people to sleep in. You’ll still feel somewhat like a sardine in a can with that many people, but the ceiling is high enough that you can sit and stand without squishing anyone.

In case you need a little privacy in a tent (when changing clothes, for example) the Kingdom 6 gots you covered, literally. This tent comes with a room divider that can be attached and removed as needed. While that’s a fairly common feature with multi-person tents, the Kingdom 6 comes with numerous loops to attach the divider. That way, you can create two rooms of uneven sizes.

The divider is great for groups of 2 couples, parents with kids, or if you simply need a separate room for storage. However, don’t expect much from the said divider. It’s basically a curtain with a zipper that will keep things out of sight. But in case a person sleeping in the other “room” snores like a trooper, nothing will help you.

Weather Resistance

REI Kingdom 6 is a three-season tent. While it won’t get ruined by a few snowflakes, this tent isn’t designed to be used in snowy weather. But if you plan on camping during any other time of the year, the Kingdom 6 will serve you well.

The tent has a so-called bathtub floor, which is a waterproof fabric that covers the bottom and extends up to the sides a bit. This way, not even the drop of rising groundwater can get inside the tent through the walls and get your stuff wet.

The waterproof rainfly protects the top, sides and the front of the tent, all the way to the ground. For some reason, it doesn’t cover the back side. But, that part is also made of waterproof material and it features a zipped window, which doesn’t allow the raindrops to come through.

Great Ventilation

Have you seen the Kingdom 6 without a rainfly on? It’s essentially a huge mosquito netting tent. The ceiling is made of mesh material, and one part of the tent also features mesh walls. If you’re camping during the period of meteor showers, then this is the perfect tent choice. You can lay down and gaze at the stars, or simply mock the mosquitoes for not being able to get to you.

However, if you’re in a crowded camp area or at a festival, these mesh walls will give you no privacy. In that case, putting up a rainfly is a must. When in need of ventilation, you can either roll it back halfway, or roll it up on the sides.

But even if it starts raining, and you need to fully cover the tent, four roof vents will allow decent air circulation. And what’s even better, you can do this from inside the tent! Two zippers on the mesh ceiling allow you to put your hand through them and adjust the Velcro kickstand stiffeners which hold the vents up.

Large Doors

How many times before did you have to inflate the air mattress inside the tent because otherwise it wouldn’t fit through the small opening? With the Kingdom 6, that’s no longer a problem. This tent features 2 doors on each side, and they’re large enough to move mattresses and other stuff in and out of the tent. They come with zippers for easy opening and closure. Above each door there are mesh pockets where you can stow unzipped doors and get them out the way.


rei kingdom 6 pockets

Premium-quality tents like this one should feature a variety of storage options. The Kingdom 6 is certainly not a disappointment. In fact, this tent has mesh pockets along both sides, right above the floor fabric. Now there’s no excuse for losing your flashlight somewhere in the pile of gear. Actually, there’s no excuse for piling up your gear since there’s a designed space for storing just about anything.

Easy Setup

The first time you pitch a new tent always takes a while. Tent body, rainfly, poles, guy-wire – you take these out of the bag and now you need to figure out what goes where. Well, I’ve seen my fair share of tents, and I can safely say that this one falls under the “easy setup” category.

Why is that? Well, you get one straight and two hubbed poles. One side of the pole goes through designed sleeves and the other side goes through the grommet on the tabs on each tent corner. Once you’re done with that, attach the clips onto designated poles. There’s a strategic color-coding on both tent body and rainfly, which further simplifies the setup.

The setup is pretty straightforward, and it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes, once you get a hold of it. I’d advise opening it up for the first time in your backyard, just to see what goes where. When you’re off camping, you don’t want to spend the time reading through the manual for the first time, right?

Here’s a nice detail for all those petite campers, like myself. Remember those zippers on ceilings through which you can open roof vents on the rainfly? Well, these are really handy when attaching clips in the center. Without these, I wouldn’t be able to set up the tent by myself, unless I climb on the branch or something.

Backpack Carry Bag

The Kingdom 6 weighs 21 pounds, which is quite a lot for carrying around along with other camping equipment. That’s especially true if it’s stored in those sausage-shaped tent bags. But, the Kingdom 6 comes with a backpack, which will make your life a bit easier.

The bag is very convenient – it comes with separate compartments for tent body, poles and rainfly. Then, there are zippered pockets on the outside that allow you to store guy-wire, stakes or any other camping necessity.

Furthermore, the backpack is large enough that you don’t have to squeeze your tent and sit on it, praying you rolled it tightly enough to fit into a bag. Those suffering days were over the moment you decided to switch your old tent with a tube-shaped bag for this one.

High-Quality Materials

You don’t really have to understand different fabric measurement units to be a camper, but it’s good to know if your equipment is well-made. And trust me, you don’t want to learn that the hard way. I’ll tell you straight away – this tent is made of high-end materials and it’s so durable, it will probably be passed down through family generations.

The floor is made of 150D coated Oxford polyester, which is a heavy-duty waterproof fabric commonly used for tent floors. It’s decently thick, so getting a footprint is not a requirement unless you’re camping on a really rough terrain.

However, buying a footprint wouldn’t hurt (except it can “hurt” your wallet.) And let’s be realistic – you don’t want to spend a lot on a premium tent, only to have its flooring ripped by a stupid, sharp rock. In my opinion, if you’re already investing in high-quality camping equipment, invest all the way.

The rainfly is made of 75-denier coated polyester taffeta, a tightly-woven, lightweight material. This fabric is to be thanked for making the Kingdom 6 a 3-season tent. As you know, the biggest part of the tent is made of mesh fabric, so this rainfly is the superstar that keeps you protected from different weather elements.

Oh, and let’s not forget about poles. They’re made of 6061 and 7001 aluminum. I’m not going to bore you with any more technicalities, but let’s just say that these are among the strongest aluminum alloys out there. They’re durable yet lightweight, and most importantly, they have good corrosion resistance.

Kingdom 6 Cons

kingdom 6 front door

Not Ideal For Windy Weather

Like any other tall tent with vertical sides, the Kingdom 6 catches wind easily.

Basically, what happens is that walls turn into sails and bend along with it. Thick aluminum poles along with guy-wire and stakes do their best at holding it in place. However, the possibility of breaking in the windiest of weather still exists.

There’s not much you can do about it, except using extra stakes or placing the tent in such a way to block the wind.


To be honest, the Kingdom 6 is pretty expensive. Its price is like the average monthly car payment. In my opinion, this makes it too big of an investment if you’re not planning on camping more than once or twice a year.

Don’t get me wrong, this tent is totally worth its price. It has a great design and it’s made of high-quality materials. If camping is a big part of your life, you’ll love this tent.

Our Verdict

I don’t believe that perfection exists, and that stands true for tents too. But, I can safely say that Kingdom 6 comes pretty close.

This tent is suitable for different weather conditions, from hot summer nights to unexpected cat-and-dog weather. Sure, it’s not great for strong winds, but there are ways you can bypass that.

It’s very roomy, so a family of four to six can sleep under the same roof. This is especially great if you have small kids, because that way you can keep a close eye on them. And in case you’re camping solo or with a partner, there’s so much room for all your stuff. You can even put two folding chairs into the mesh-walled area, where you can sit and gaze at the night sky.

While this tent is quite costly, it’s well worth every penny. It’s a premium quality durable tent, and as such, it’s a valuable addition to every camper’s equipment.